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Vagotonia  (anatomist. vagus - a vagus nerve) - the state caused by hyperfunction of parasympathetic department of a vegetative innervation.

Vagotonia symptoms:

The main signs of a vagotonia are: 1. bradycardia, 2. arterial hypotonia, 3. hypoglycemia, 4. hyperhidrosis, 5. breath difficulty, 6. dizziness, 7. tendency to development of faints. Symptoms of a vagotonia can prevail in structure not only permanent vegetative frustration, but also vegeto-vascular paroxysms.

Vagotonia reasons:

Neurosises, not rough organic lesions of a brain, trunk, hypothalamic frustration are the most frequent reasons of development of a vagotonia.

Treatment of the Vagotonia:

At a vagotonia there can be reyokomendovana courses (for 2 months, 2 — 3 times a year) biogenic stimulators (элеутерококк, an aralia, a wolfberry, a rhodiola, Pantocrinum) which tselesoyoobrazno to alternate every 10 — 14 days. The effect is strengthened by polyvitamins (kvadevit, glutamevit, dekamevit) B6 vitamin, ascorbic acid, calcium drugs. Stimuliruyoyushchy and segmented massage is shown (a collar zone, extremities).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Vagotonia:

  • Препарат Атропина сульфат.

    Atropini sulfas

    M-cholinolytics. Midriatiki.

    RUP of Belmedpreparata Republic of Belarus

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