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Ear polyp


Latin name: Polipus auris.

The polyp grows in acoustical pass, can be a local complication of a chronic purulent inflammation of a middle ear. A polyp call simple granulations, fibromas, angiofibromas, myxomas.

Polyps can be located  on a leg or have the wide basis. They "grow" from a wall of a drum cavity or from  acoustical stones, corroded at caries, is more rare from edges of a tympanic membrane. The polyp has an appearance of light pink or reddish weight, smooth or hilly, easily bleeding when sounding.

Ear polyp symptoms:

In an ear tumorous education is defined. Partial or total loss of hearing, ear pain, feeling of a sdavlennost, headaches is observed, it is purulent - bloody allocations from outside acoustical pass.

Symptoms: tumorous education in an ear, a hearing loss in the affected ear, pain in an ear, allocations from an ear, and also is possible manifestation of such symptoms as headaches.


The diagnosis is established at survey by the otolaryngologist (otoskopiya).

It is necessary to distinguish:  ear polyps, a malignant new growth without localization specification
The medical procedures which are carried out at a disease ear polyps: Consultation of the otolaryngologist, Otoskopiya, the Smear from an ear on a bacteriological research.

Treatment of a polyp of an ear:

Treatment surgical (removal of a polyp). Timely and correct  treatment of otitises is very important for prevention of a recurrence.
Medical procedures: Removal of polyps, high-quality educations to 15 mm
At treatment of this disease the following methods are used: not medicinal, low-invasive surgery.

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