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Stupid injury of an eye


As a result of stupid blow of eyes it is displaced kzad in eye-socket depth, at the same time damage of its superficial structures (a century, a conjunctiva, a sclera, a cornea), a crystalline lens, a retina and an optic nerve is possible. Such blow can lead to a change of bone walls of an eye-socket also.

Reasons of a stupid injury of an eye:

The reason of a stupid injury of an eye can become punch, a stick, a stone, a horn of animals, a subject or injury of surrounding eyes of fabrics at blow in skull bones.

Symptoms of a stupid injury of an eye:

Within the first days after an injury the blood filtering into skin around an eye forms a hematoma (bruise). If blood vessels on the surface of an eye are damaged, it gains dark red color. Such bleeding usually happens insignificant.  Damage of internal structures of an eye is more dangerous, than damage of its surface. Hemorrhage in an anterior chamber of an eye (a traumatic hyphema) is fraught with serious effects and demands the obligatory address to the ophthalmologist. The hemorrhage recurrence in an anterior chamber can lead to coloring of a cornea blood that leads to deterioration in sight on the same mechanism, as at a cataract;
because of increase in intraocular pressure the risk of formation of chronic glaucoma increases.  Owing to a contusion blood can stream in a vitreous cavity, the rupture of an iris and an ectopia lentis is possible. At bleeding under a retina there can be its peeling. Originally amotio of a retina is preceded by emergence of "floating" spots under review or light "flashes", then sight sharply worsens. At heavy contusions of an eyeglobe there can be a rupture of an outside cover - a sclera.


Diagnosis is based on the anamnesis and survey of damages. The radiographic research can be necessary for a change exception.

Treatment of a stupid injury of an eye:

The cold compress reduces hypostasis and pain at a stupid injury of soft tissues in an eye-socket. To the second day appoint a warm compress - it improves rassasyvany blood which collects in soft tissues. If skin around an eye or during a century is cut, suture can be necessary. It is desirable that put stitches on skin of the damaged century офтальмохирург. Otherwise perhaps wrong accretion of edges of a wound with the subsequent disturbance of a smykaniye a century. At an injury of slezootvodyashchy ways has to carry out surgical treatment only офтальмохирург.  At wound of an eyeglobe appoint the anesthetics, drops expanding a pupil for the purpose of prevention of an infection dig in the drops containing antibiotics. Apply a bandage for ensuring rest the injured eye. At a rupture of a sclera, the getting wound of an eyeglobe apply a bandage both eyes. Heavy damage can lead to partial or full loss of sight, despite opportunities of a modern ophthalmosurgery.  The bed rest is recommended to the victim with hemorrhage in a cavity of an eyeglobe. Reception of the medicines promoting decrease in intraocular pressure can be required (for example, acetazoleamide). Sometimes, for the purpose of a bleeding stop, in addition appoint aminocapronic acid. Any drugs containing aspirin need to be cancelled as aspirin can strengthen bleeding. The patients accepting heparin (for decrease in coagulability of blood), and also aspirin according to any indications, have to report about it to the doctor immediately. At a recurrence of bleeding surgical treatment which is carried out by the ophthalmologist is required.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Stupid injury of an eye:



    The means influencing the alimentary system and metabolic processes.

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  • Препарат Тауфон - Дарница, по 5 мл или 10 мл.

    Taufon - Darnitsa, on 5 ml or 10 ml

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  • Препарат Атропин.



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  • Препарат Гентамицин.


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  • Препарат Ципрофлоксацин Буфус.

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  • Препарат Окомистин.


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