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Hypercapnia (other - Greek ὑπερ-— it is excessive;  — smoke) — the state caused by excess quantity of CO2 in blood; poisoning with carbon dioxide. Is a special case of a hypoxia.

Hypercapnia symptoms:

At concentration of CO2 in air more than 5% its inhalation causes the symptoms indicating organism poisoning: a headache, nausea, frequent shallow breathing, the strengthened sweating and even a loss of consciousness.

Hypercapnia reasons:

The hypercapnia can arise in the following cases:

    * When using faulty respiratory devices of the closed cycle (rebrizer)
    * In badly ventilated pressures chamber where support group of people.
    * At blockage of cylinders of an aqualung
    * When using the compressor with bad filters in the stuffy not aired room.
    * When swimming with very long respiratory tube: at an exhalation in such tube there is an old air with the increased maintenance of CO2, and the swimmer inhales it in the following respiratory cycle.
    * At breath holdings under water. Many submariners try to save air and detain an exhalation. It also leads to CO2 poisoning why headaches begin.

Причины развития гиперкапнии

Reasons of development of a hypercapnia

Treatment of the Hypercapnia:

For control of a hypercapnia and a hypocapny in medicine use a kapnograf — the analyzer of content of carbon dioxide in expired air. Carbon dioxide has big diffusion capacity therefore contains in its expired air almost as much how many in blood, and the size of partial pressure of CO2 at the end of an exhalation is an important vital sign of an organism.

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