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Poisoning with magnesium salts


Magnesium sulfate is applied intravenously as an antihypertensive and orally as laxative. The ion of magnesium is a strong depressant of the central nervous system and neuromuscular transmission.

Reasons of poisoning with magnesium salts:

Poisoning after peroral or rectal administration of drug is improbable at preservation of normal function of kidneys as kidneys bring magnesium out of an organism quicker, than it is soaked up in a digestive tract. If function of kidneys is broken, the peroral dose equal of 30 g, can be deadly. Symptoms of poisoning begin to be shown when the level of content of magnesium in blood serum reaches 4 мэкв on 1 l, and concentration in 12 ¼Ý¬ó/l can lead to death.

Symptoms of poisoning with magnesium salts:

Proglatyvaniye of strong solutions can cause irritation of a digestive tract. Oppression of reflexes, sluggish paralysis, hypotonia, a hypothermia, a coma and insufficiency of breath are among system displays of poisoning. The apnoea usually precedes considerable oppression of a myocardium. Effect of magnesium on a nervous system and neuromuscular transmission is opposite to effect of calcium.

Treatment of poisoning with magnesium salts:

Treatment at poisoning with magnesium includes intravenous administration of 10 ml of 10% of solution of a gluconate of calcium which if necessary can be repeated.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning with magnesium salts:

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