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Amentia (Latin amentia — madness) — a condition of acute confusion of consciousness (a syndrome of disorder of consciousness) which main signs are: a full disorientation of the person in the place, time and own personality; incoherence of thinking, motive excitement, the raised otvlekayemost; existence of amorphous, unstable illusions and hallucinations; sketchy crazy experiences, confusion, fearfulness, inadequate emotionality and lack of memories (amnesia) of this state after it passes.

The concept was introduced for scientific use at the end of the 19th century by the Austrian psychiatrist T. Meynert.

Amentia symptoms:

It is characteristic: disturbance of synthesis of perceptions, incoherence in the speech (confusion of thinking), a disorientation in the environment and own personality, developing of plentiful hallucinations. Hallucinations are not numerous, sketchy, the crazy ideas can be observed. Full clarity of consciousness does not come. In the evening and night of an amentia can pass into a delirium. The condition of an amentia amnezirutsya. Depending on the prevailing manifestations distinguish three forms of an amentia: katatonopodobny, hallucinatory paranoid and incoherent. The beginning gradual or after last delirium and chaotic stupefaction. Full amnesia follows.

Amentia reasons:

It is observed at endogenous psychoses, a traumatic, infectious and toxic origin.

Treatment of the Amentia:

Carry out treatment of the main pathology against the background of which there was an amentia.

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