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Maniacal syndrome (Mania)


Mania (maniacal syndrome) -  the psychopathological syndrome which is characterized by a triad of symptoms: the increased mood as a hyperthymia, ideatorny and a hyperphrenia in the form of acceleration of thinking and speeches (takhipsikhiya), motive excitement.

Of a maniacal syndrome it is also characteristic, but it is shown not always: strengthening of instinctive activity (increase in appetite, sexuality, strengthening of self-protective tendencies), the raised otvlekayemost, the revaluation of own personality (reaching sometimes the crazy ideas of greatness).

For identification of a maniacal syndrome the test for a mania, a so-called scale of Altman is used.

Symptoms Maniacal syndrome (Mania):

Distinguish several options of a maniacal syndrome.

    * A joyful mania — a classical maniacal syndrome with a hyperthymia, a takhipsikhiya, motive excitement.
    * An irascible mania — the maniacal syndrome which is characterized by irascibility, irritability, aggression, tendency to easy emergence of the conflicts with people around.
    * Maniacal and paranoid option — a maniacal syndrome with the advent of the crazy ideas of the relation and prosecution.
    * Crazy option — in structure of a maniacal syndrome the central place is taken by resistant nonsense of greatness, own positive exclusiveness. At a maniacal syndrome the crazy ideas are deprived of absurd and irreality, have a certain logical sequence, their contents is more often connected with professional activity of the patient.
    * A oneiric mania — at height of a maniacal syndrome disturbances of consciousness on oneiric type with fantastic hallucinatory experiences appear.

Reasons Maniacal syndrome (Mania):

The most often maniacal syndrome is observed within bipolar affective disorder. In these cases it proceeds pristupoobrazno, in the form of "episodes" with characteristic stages of development. Expressiveness of the symptoms entering into structure of a maniacal episode can be various, change at one patient depending on a stage of development of a disease. Besides, the maniacal syndrome can be observed at infectious, toxic, organic and other psychoses. In particular, it can be induced by drugs or psychotropic drugs (for example, antidepressants, corticosteroids, Phenaminum, cocaine, Cimetidinum, Teturamum, some hallucinogens).

Treatment Maniacal syndrome (Mania):

Use timostabilizator - carbamazepine, топиромат, топимакс, etc.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment the Maniacal syndrome (Mania):

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