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Perikoronaritom call emergence of an inflammation in a marginal part of a gingiva and fabric of a periodontium of the cutting-through tooth. Inflammatory process can cause eruption of any tooth, but as shows clinical experience, perikoronarit is characteristic of the third painters (wisdom teeth).

Perikoronarit's symptoms:

About the beginning of an inflammation the aching pain in soft tissues of the affected tooth signals. Within three days it amplifies. There is pain at a food chewing on that party where there is an inflammation, sometimes when swallowing and opening a mouth. Gradually the fabric fold which is partially closing the eighth tooth swells. The touch to it provokes the shooting pain irradiating in a zone of a temple or auricle. Especially sharply symptoms when the third painter grows at an angle prove.

Condition of an organism in general satisfactory: temperature can be increased, but no more than 37,5 degrees, lymphadenitis under a mandible is observed, is more rare — a headache. With development of a disease from the center of defeat purulent exudate which is a fetor source from a mouth is emitted.

If the patient endured and ignored treatment of a perikoronarit at an acute form, expressiveness of symptoms can decrease that demonstrates transition of a disease to a chronic stage. Existence of an open exit for purulent accumulation provides the silent disease in a false manner calming the patient. Actually, the infection gradually extends to the next fabrics. This process can be expressed in the form of abscess or phlegmon. The area of a hyperemia mucous is expanded on buccal area, lingual and palatal a handle. Besides, at a long inflammation the bone tissue begins to be exposed to a resorption, and at penetration of pus into it there is osteomyelitis. Deformation of tissue of gum can lead to blocking of purulent outflow that will be reflected in an aggravation of inflammatory process.

Formation of ulcers on edge of a gingival fold will be the brightest manifestation of a perikoronarit, the necrosis of this part of fabric turns out to be consequence of what. The ulceration occurs in that case when the gingiva is infected with fuzospirokheta. The ulcer form of an ulitis or stomatitis can become a complication.

Клинические признаки перикоронарита

Clinical signs of a perikoronarit

Perikoronarit's reasons:

As the reasons allocate:

1. Formation of the favorable environment for life activity of bacteria in view of existence of deepening for the accumulation of the remains of food formed by gum tissue over distal hillocks of the cut-through painter.

2. Development of injuries of a mucous membrane in the form of superficial erosion or ulcers.

3. Traumatizing the fabric fold which remained over a part of tooth (for example, firm food).

4. Difficult eruption.

In turn can be the reasons of difficult eruption:

    * the increased density of a bone tissue of an alveolar shoot of a wisdom tooth because the milk tooth in this zone was absent;
    * insufficiency of the place for development of the third painter because of specifics of a structure of a jaw of the modern person;
    * a thickening of a mucous membrane over back teeth of a jaw owing to addition of its structure with fibers of muscular tissue of a cheek and an upper constrictor of a throat.

Influence of these factors is resulted by an arrest of development of the third painters.

Perikoronarit's treatment:

At a perikoronarita introduction under a hood of a yodoformny tampon and rinsing of an oral cavity is shown by warm disinfecting solutions. For rinsings will use sulfanamide drugs, Calcii chloridum solution on 15 ml 3 times a day and the anesthetizing drugs is inside shown to 10%.

In the absence of effectiveness of topical treatment surgical treatment - excision of a hood under local anesthesia is shown. At excision the surface of the cut tooth opens owing to what the dental plaque and microorganisms do not accumulate under a hood.

Extraction of a wisdom tooth is shown if it is in situation at which eruption is impossible. It is confirmed by X-ray inspection, the odontectomy is carried out after removal of acute symptoms of a perikoronarit, after extraction the hole of tooth is cleared, and stitches are put.

As the wisdom tooth does not bear a functional load, at a perikoronarita it is difficult for the giving-in treatment, it is recommended to extract tooth. Recurrent perikoronarit recovers only after extraction of a wisdom tooth.

The technique of treatment of a perikoronarit by means of laser therapy allows to influence an infrared beam directly through skin. Infrared laser radiation of low intensity gets deeply under skin and has antiinflammatory and antiedematous effect, the metabolism and inflow of blood to an affected area is also stimulated. Laser radiation except other has sufficient analgesic effect to stop a pain syndrome at a perikoronarita. Laser therapy lasts 7-10 days, a contraindication is existence of oncological processes in an oral cavity.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Perikoronarit's treatment:

  • Препарат Кетоноф-ЛФ.


    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NPVP).

    SOOO "Lekfarm" Republic of Belarus

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