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Poisoning with bromine


Poisoning with bromine is a defeat of bodies and systems of bodies owing to impact on a bromine organism.

Symptoms of Poisoning with bromine:

At concentration of 0,001% the irritation of mucous membranes, dizziness, bleeding from a nose are observed. At concentration of 0,02% - suffocation, spasms, a respiratory disease. Hit on skin of liquid bromine causes an itch, at long action slowly healing ulcers are formed.

At poisoning with bromine of the victim it is necessary to take out on fresh air, to give warm milk with soda. The skin burned with liquid bromine is washed out repeatedly by water. At steam inhalation of bromine there are cold, dacryagogue, hypersalivation, conjunctivitis. Brown coloring of language, a mucous membrane of a mouth and conjunctivas is characteristic. Sometimes there are considerable nasal bleedings and the allergic phenomena (rash, urticaria, etc.). The acute bronchitis and pneumonia, a fluid lungs are possible.

Bromine irritates upper respiratory tracts: there are almost at the same time cold, dacryagogue, cough, short wind. Even injected, it in the poisoning dose causes an inflammation of a mucous membrane of respiratory tracts.

Bromine has very deep effect on lymphatic glands, in particular on a parotid gland, ovaries and testicles. It causes bystry increase them in volume and special type of hardening: the struck gland is solid as a stone. Important characteristic: glands only on the left side are surprised.

At the internal use of small doses and very high cultivations bromine makes a peculiar action on a head and spinal cord - it lowers intellectual working capacity and suppresses reflex irritability, excites drowsiness.

Symptoms of poisoning with bromine: swelling with hardening of all glands, feeling of a web on a face, especially at the movement of wings of a nose.

Are possible development of a fizometr (a pelvic tumor of a uterus); plentiful release of gases through a vagina. Pains are deaf, deep, long, seldom acute, appearing more often at cold in warm and wet weather; always amplify in the evening till midnight and strike always the left side of a body.

The chair is mucous, bloody, colors of a coffee thick, also the diarrhea against the background of gastric frustration is observed.

Periods are premature, plentiful, with false membranes which cause convulsive pains. This dysmenorrhea is followed by the deep constant left ovary pain which was more expressed before and after periods.

Reasons of Poisoning with bromine:

Br - VII chemical element of group of Periodic system of D. I. Mendeleyev. Treats halogens.

Bromine - heavy liquid with a pungent smell, in the reflected light of dark-violet, almost black color, in passing - dark red; easily forms yellow-brown couples. In a firm state - red-brown needle crystals. Bromine belongs to the class of toxic agents, however is not very dangerous.

During the work with bromine it is necessary to apply a gas mask, gloves and overalls.

The connections met in the nature and on production. Acute poisonings with vapors of bromine are possible in the chemical, photo, film and tanning industry, in production of a number of dyes, etc.

Treatment of Poisoning with bromine:

First aid. To take out the victim from the poisoned zone, to take off clothes, to wash affected areas of skin alcohol, to allow to inhale oxygen. To do inhalations (alkaline and with 2% solution of sodium thiosulphate). To drink warm milk with borzhomy or with soda. Inside with food of 10-30 g in days of sodium chloride (table salt). Intravenously 10 ml of 10% calcium chloride. Inside - Dimedrol, Pipolphenum on 0,025 g, cardiacs.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning with bromine:

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