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Poisoning with silicon salts


Silicon and the majority of its inorganic compounds at intake do not cause acute poisonings. A threat for mucous membranes is posed by only alkaline silicates or liquid glass, and also silicon halogenides.



Symptoms of Poisoning with silicon salts:

After intravascular introduction disturbances of coagulability of blood, disorder of function of a liver and reaction from blood circulation are possible. Increase in activity of aminotransferase of serum can serve as an early symptom.

As a result of influence of the known and studied now organic compounds of silicon it is possible to expect only irritation of mucous membranes (for example, reaction of a conjunctiva begins at tetraoxysilane influence, since 0,025 about. %; organokhlorsilana work stronger than organooksilan, silicones are non-toxical).

Within one day there is process involution. Impact on TsNS (spasms, a narcotic state), for example, after poisoning tetraoksilany and a hexamethyldisiloxane is only in exceptional cases possible.

Reasons of Poisoning with silicon salts:

Silicon dioxide is applied in production of glass, ceramics, abrasives, concrete products, to receiving silicon as a filler in production of rubbers, by production of silicic refractory materials, in a chromatography, etc. Crystals of quartz have piezoelectric properties and therefore are used in radio engineering, ultrasonic installations, in lighters.

Treatment of Poisoning with silicon salts:

At poisoning with the silicon compounds having alkali reaction or which are chipping off acid. After intake of other silicon compounds in exceptional cases cause vomiting (irritation of a wall of a throat or give warm 10% solution of table salt) or appoint sodium sulfate (1 tablespoon without top to 1/4 l of warm water). Further the symptomatic treatment is carried out.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning with silicon salts:

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