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The deforming spondylosis


The spondylosis represents degenerative changes of lumbar vertebrae with formation of bone outgrowths, so-called osteophytes. Being under a front longitudinal ligament of a backbone, they irritate it. Can reach the considerable sizes, sometimes causing an union of bodies of adjacent vertebrae. Osteophytes narrow the vertebral channel and put pressure upon nervous roots. Emergence of these outgrowths is defense reaction of an organism on a degeneration of an intervertebral disk.

Reduction of mobility of a backbone and pain, in particular after long motionless situation is connected with this disease. Pains can amplify at change of weather.

Symptoms of the Deforming spondylosis:

The deforming spondylosis of a backbone happens three types: lumbar, sternal and cervical.

At the beginning of a disease, there is no painful symptom, sometimes there is  a mobility restriction. It means that the spondylosis already passed into a chronic stage and  progresses further. Further pains begin to amplify, and disturb the patient at night, even in a motionless state.

Lumbar and cervical spondylosis are considered as the most widespread.

Symptoms of the deforming waist spondylosis:

    * Heavy feeling in a lower back.
    * An acute pain which arises in a sitting position at the movement.
    * Pains in a waist at pandiculations, extensions, inclinations.

Symptoms of the deforming spondylosis of cervical department of a backbone:

    * Paresthesias - "goosebumps" on skin.
    * Weakness in hands.
    * The complicated and painful movements by a neck.
    * Nape pain and in a neck.
    * Nape muscle tension.
    * Painful attacks amplify in the first half of day.

The reasons of the Deforming spondylosis:

There is a disease because of disbolism leading to excess adjournment in an organism of limy salts. Generally the spondylosis develops at advanced age owing to long-term heavy loads of a backbone and age disorders of exchange; men are ill more often than women. At young people a rachiocampsis since they lead to the wrong, uneven distribution of load of vertebrae can be the cause of a spondylosis. Also other reasons of development of a disease are possible.

Treatment of the Deforming spondylosis:

It is very important to begin treatment of a spondylosis at early stages and to prevent its further development. Self-treatment most often comes to an end to deplorable results therefore the most important, will address in time an osteostalemate which will make the exact diagnosis and will appoint adequate treatment.

The main task at treatment of a spondylosis is  to eliminate inflammatory process and to save the patient from chronic pain.

Complex treatment of a spondylosis consists of such procedures:

    * Massage (during remission).
    * Manual therapy.
    * Physical therapy.
    * Regular physical exercises according to individually picked up scheme.
    * Physiotherapy exercises (during remission).
    * Reception of antiinflammatory and soothing drugs.
    * At severe pains – muscle relaxants.
    * The reflexotherapy – a method of influence on active points which perfectly copes with a spondylosis  and stops its progressing.

That it is necessary to accept also what procedures only the doctor, proceeding from localization of the center of pathological process, degree of its expressiveness and absence or existence of a disease of internals and a backbone decides to attend.

If the spondylosis case started then it is necessary to resort to surgical methods of treatment. During operation the surgeon deletes pathological educations (osteophytes) and (if there is a need) connects intervertebral disks by an osteosynthesis.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Deforming spondylosis:

  • Препарат Мидокалм.


    Drugs for the general anesthesia.

    Gedeon Richter (Gideon Richter) Hungary

  • Препарат Толперизон-OBL.


    Muscle relaxants with the central mechanism of action.


  • Препарат Эспол.


    The means applied at muscular and joint pain.

    JSC Krasnaya zvezda Ukraine

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