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The chondrodystrophia is the inborn general disease caused by a malformation a cartilage - educational system of a germ and damage of bones of a cartilaginous origin (extremities, the base of skull) which is shown mainly. Defect begins to form early: already with 3 — the 4th week of development of a germ normal ossification and growth of bones in length are broken; a part of fruits perishes in the pre-natal period. The full-term normally been born children with a chondrodystrophia are quite viable. If the diagnosis of a chondrodystrophia is established before childbirth, Cesarean section as because of disproportionately big sizes of a head of a fruit the severe birth trauma of mother and child is possible is shown.

Chondrodystrophia reason:

The etiology of a disease is not clear.

Chondrodystrophia symptoms:

Patients with a chondrodystrophia have very characteristic appearance: disproportionately short upper and lower extremities (shortening of a shoulder and hip prevails) with a normal length of a trunk; the head of the big sizes with the acting frontal and parietal hillocks as if hanging over the small person with a saddle and wide nose. Changes in bones of a skeleton are, as a rule, symmetric. As a result of the perverted growth of a bone on all epiphyseal plate an epiphysis is deformed that conducts to varus and valgus (Au-shaped and H-shaped) to curvatures of the lower extremities. Deformation of the lower extremities especially amplifies when the child starts walking. Galifeobrazno bent and twisted inside femurs. The backbone is deprived of normal bends (a flat back), however the physiological lordosis in lumbar area is quite often strengthened. Brushes of square shape because short reinforced II—V fingers all of identical length. The muscular system is developed normally, and patients quite often have big physical force.

Нарушение телосложения при хондродистрофии

Disturbance of a constitution at a chondrodystrophia


The diagnosis is made on the basis of characteristic changes of outward and a skeleton. At X-ray inspection system change of bones of extremities with their sharp shortening and a thickening comes to light. At small children a chondrodystrophia differentiate with rickets. The coming to light shortening of extremities, radiological data, unsuccessfulness of treatment by vitamin D help to establish the correct diagnosis.

Treatment of a chondrodystrophia:

There is no radical therapy of a chondrodystrophia. Orthopedic treatment is directed to prevention and elimination of deformations of extremities (carrying orthoses, osteotomies for correction of curvatures).
The forecast for life favorable.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Chondrodystrophia:

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