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Disakharidazny insufficiency


Disakharidazny insufficiency — the syndrome of gastrointestinal frustration caused by disturbance of splitting (hydrolysis) and absorption of disaccharides (lactose, sucrose, etc.) in a small bowel. Is one of options of a syndrome of the broken intestinal absorption.

Ферментативное расщепление углеводов в организме человека

Zymolysis of carbohydrates in a human body

Reasons of disakharidazny insufficiency:

Other diseases which influenced production of enzymes of lactose and sucrose in the child's organism after the birth can become the reason дисахаридазнай to insufficiency.  The disease can develop against the background of:
- gastroenteritis (inflammation of a mucous membrane of a stomach and small bowel);
- coloenteritis (inflammation of a mucous membrane of a small and large intestine);
- colitis (inflammation of a large intestine);
- atrophies mucous intestines (symptom of a hereditary disease of a Gee's disease);
- food allergy (on wheat, protein of cow's milk, a lactose intolerance, fructose);
- reactions to treatment by antibiotics;
- disturbances of work of immune system of an organism;
- large intestine operations.
The syndrome дисахаридазнай insufficiency can develop if for a long time the child ate defectively. Normal work of intestines is recovered when the reasons which led to development of a syndrome disappear.

Symptoms of disakharidazny insufficiency:

The hereditary lactose intolerance like Durand is shown by a frequent watery foamy chair with an acid smell after the first feeding by breast milk. The meteorism is noted, organism dehydration symptoms gradually accrue, body weight decreases. The lactosuria, an aminoaciduria, lag in growth, insufficiency of body weight are observed. Increase in concentration in blood of lactose which arrives through a mucous membrane of intestines has toxic effect. At favorable disease of function of intestines are compensated by 2 — 3 years of life, at a heavy current the syndrome of the broken intestinal absorption with various disbolism and chronic frustration of food develops.

The lactose intolerance like Holrel usually occurs at more advanced age and at adults, proceeds more favorably and is shown by the alternating or chronic ponosa, a meteorism, abdominal pains at the milk use. Expressiveness of manifestations depends on amount of the arriving lactose.

More rare kinds of disakharidazny insufficiency — saccharose and izomaltazny insufficiency are shown at administration of sucrose (feeding by the sweetened cow's milk, milk mixes) a frequent watery chair. At the same time along with intolerance of sucrose there is a partial intolerance of starch — as a result of isomaltase decrease of the activity. Usually by 2 — 3 years of life symptoms of a disease smooth out.


The diagnosis is based on data of the anamnesis (intolerance of milk, food sugar at the patient's relatives), biochemical researches, load tests with lactose, sucrose, starch, glucose and D-xylose; obligatory fixing of symptoms of intolerance — a diarrhea, a meteorism, abdominal pains: definition of a lactase activity (invertase) in a bioptata from a mucous membrane of a small bowel, X-ray inspections of digestive tract (using barium and the corresponding sugar), etc.

Treatment of disakharidazny insufficiency:

Treatment of a syndrome дисазаридазнай insufficiency at children means a complete elimination from a diet of products which cause intolerance. At a lactose intolerance – this fresh milk, acidified milk formulas. It is possible to use the cottage cheese washed from serum and cheese. It is possible to expand a diet only  after disappearance of symptoms (in 6-12 months). At intolerance of sucrose are sweet vegetables and fruit. Further carry out treatment of a basic disease.


дисазаридазнай insufficiency at children mean such food allowance of the child which contains the minimum quantity of dairy products or sweet fruit and vegetables by prevention of a syndrome.

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