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Usually the cystous educations containing liquid and located in the field of an appendage head belong to spermatoceles. In literature of a spermatocele are described in different places, directly  from a small egg before localization on the course of a deferent duct. Usually the term "spermatocele" or "epididymis cyst" is used at the accumulation of liquid located in a scrotum in close proximity with a small egg in the field of an appendage.

Usually the smooth, soft, well delimited spermatocele which is located in a scrotum in the field of an epididymis is defined. It is necessary to differentiate a spermatocele with a hydrocele, to the varikotsela, hernia, to the spermatotsela and small egg tumors. The anamnesis, inspection, ultrasonic diagnosis can help with their exact diagnosis. Spermatoceles are usually high-quality, up to one centimeter in size and are found at physical inspection. The discomfort and essential stretching of a scrotum at the considerable sizes of spermatoceles can demand surgical intervention.
  The spermatocele usually is located in the field of an appendage head, being in an upper part of a small egg. At a hydrocele, on the contrary, liquid accumulates on side and front surfaces of a small egg. At the varikotsel veniplexes along a seed cord usually extend. Hernia arises owing to not fusion of the vulval shoot of a peritoneum promoting movement of contents of an abdominal cavity through pathological expansion in a scrotum. Unlike a spermatocele, to the varikotsela and hernia can increase at increase in intra belly pressure at Valsalva's test (test with a natuzhivaniye) and in vertical position of a body. Spermatoceles are often combined with the cysts containing semen – to the spermatotsela. It is often difficult to distinguish these two educations because of a close anatomic structure and an arrangement.

Сперматоцеле - киста яичка

Spermatotsele - a spermatocele

Spermatocele reasons:

The etiology (origins) of spermatoceles remains to the unknown. Many reasons were offered, but any of them is not universal. Some hypotheses assume what spermatoceles arises from a deferent duct, can be aneurysmal expansion of an appendage, or expansion with the subsequent obstruction (narrowing) of a channel.

Small egg ksita symptoms:

Usually bessimptomna spermatoceles. They are a find at self-inspection or usual inspection. As they often arise in an appendage head, are above a small egg. They smooth and spherical are also illuminated at a research.
Lack of raying of a spermatocele speaks about possible damage and assumes a further research, including ultrasonic examination of a scrotum, perhaps, a research of inguinal area.

Treatment of a ksita of a small egg:

There are no medicines intended for treatment of a simple spermatocele. Operation at a spermatocele is method of the choice and can be offered any candidate for surgical treatment. Disturbance of coagulability of blood is a relative contraindication. Sclerotherapy at spermatoceles is an alternative to removal, but its results are less effective. Sclerotherapy of spermatoceles is usually applied at men who do not want to have in the future children as the risk of the subsequent chemical epididymite and as a result – damages of an appendage can lead to infertility. As aspiration is connected with high risk of a recurrence, the sclerosing agent is necessary for pasting of walls of a spermatocele. Several sclerosing substances, including tetracycline, fibrinous gel, phenol, alcohol of 96%, sodium tetracycline sulfate, quinine, talc powder, полидокалон,  an etolamina oleate were tried. There are no researches capable to confirm efficiency of one agent before another now.

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