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Small egg torsion


Small egg torsion — the emergency state caused by rotation of a small egg and disturbance of its blood supply. Symptoms: an acute pain in a scrotum and hypostasis, nausea and vomiting. Diagnosis of torsion of a small egg it is based on a physical research and confirmation by an ultrasonic Doppler ekhoskanirovaniye. Treatment of torsion of a small egg — an urgent manual detorsiya and the operative measure following it.

Перекрут яичка

Small egg torsion

Small egg torsion reasons:

Abnormal development of tunca vagnals and seed cord contributes a small egg to rotation on a cord spontaneously or after an injury. The contributing anomaly is present approximately at 12% of men. Small egg torsion is met most often in 12-18 years, the second peak — at chest age. The disease is seldom met at persons 30 years are more senior. Observe torsion of the left small egg more often.

Small egg torsion symptoms:

Direct symptoms of torsion of a small egg — quick start of the expressed local pain, nausea and vomiting accompanied with hypostasis and consolidation of the corresponding half of a scrotum. There can be fever and increase of an urination. The small egg is strained and can be increased and located horizontally. The Kremasterny reflex usually is absent on the struck party.

Perekrutyaichka has to be identified quickly. Similar symptoms arise mainly at an epididymite; pain, tumor and hypostasis less acute. The clinical diagnosis is usually sufficient to start treatment. The doubtful diagnosis can be confirmed with a color Doppler ultrasonografiya. Radio isotope scanning of a scrotum is also diagnostic, but takes more time and less preferable.

Treatment of torsion of a small egg:

The immediate manual detorsiya without delay on a radio graphic research is recommended if torsion is revealed at primary inspection. The procedure is successful in 30-70% of cases. As testicles usually rotirut inside, for a detorsiya untwist a small egg outside. Permission of torsion requires more than one turn of untwisting what pain relief will indicate. If untwisting did not work well, the immediate surgery as audit within the first several hours represents the only hope for rescue of a small egg is shown. The chance of rescue of a small egg quickly decreases from 80-100% in the first 6-8 h, practically to 0 of 12 h from emergence of torsion in time. Fixing of a contralateral small egg is carried out also to prevent torsion on the second party as anatomic defect usually bilateral.

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