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Other name of an edema of covers of a small egg – to the gidrotsela. Mean morbid condition at which there is an accumulation of serous liquid in vulval scrotum covers by this disease. Quite often this liquid has inflammatory character, but there is its excessive education at inborn defects of covers.

Hydrocele reasons:

In representation of embryonic development the vulval shoot represents a part of a parietal peritoneum. This shoot passes in the inguinal channel up to the 28th week of a gestation, growing in the post-natal period.
For these reasons it is accepted to allocate 3 forms of a hydrocele:
A. Not reported hydrocele option. At the same time there is no full fusion of a vulval shoot, but the message with an abdominal cavity does not form.
B. The reported hydrocele. This form of a disease belongs to inborn. There is not fusion of a vulval shoot therefore intake of peritoneal liquid and its accumulation in a scrotum is possible. It becomes the reason of formation of slanting inguinal hernias.
C. Funicular hydrocele. Not fusion of a middle part of a vulval shoot, unlike distal department is observed.
At a hydrocele can adversely influence fertility. At adults an edema is shown after infections or injuries. It meets quite often, striking about 1% of male population. After 40 years there is secondary (chronic) edema.

Патогенез водянки яичка

Hydrocele pathogeny

Hydrocele symptoms:

The hydrocele usually unilateral process, only in 10% of cases is found bilateral defeat. Usually the hydrocele is not followed by the expressed clinical manifestations. At the patient painless increase in a scrotum is observed. In the subsequent unpleasant feelings – a raspiraniye, discomfort, morbidity in the field of a scrotum can be observed. Painful feelings can extend to the lumbar or ileal area. The epididymite, right-hand inguinal hernia quite often joins the developed hydrocele. In a prone position the scrotum decreases, in a standing position – increases in sizes, and at an acute current bigger increase is noted, than at acute process. At the expressed edema disturbances of blood circulation in scrotum fabrics can be observed that it is dangerous by an atrophy of a small egg and male infertility. When traumatizing an edema there can be bleeding in an education cavity.

Водянка яичка у ребенка

Hydrocele at the child


One of the most available diagnostic methods of a hydrocele is the procedure of a diafanoskopiya which is carried out on the basis of effect of raying by the light source which is behind a scrotum.  This method it is convenient to use at primary diagnoses of a hydrocele, and also for differential diagnosis with hernias and tumors. For differential diagnosis it is necessary to appoint an ultrasonography research. This method will allow to diagnose acute conditions, anomalies of development of a small egg, to the spermatotsela, tumoral new growths, etc. At a hydrocele in this case the band structure with the liquid which is usually around a small egg is found.
Besides, dopplerography and a stsintigrafiya of testicles is used.

Treatment of the Hydrocele:

Treatment of a hydrocele – operational. Surgical intervention in this case is the radical method of treatment capable to completely cure a disease. There are several modifications of plastics of covers of a small egg, however the most widespread methods are Bergman's operation, the Lord and Vinkelman. Similar operative measures demand use of the general anesthesia. Quick access to begin to live to a wound without noticeable scars. The specific technique is defined by the doctor on the basis of many factors – disease duration, the sizes of a hydrocele, general condition of the patient.

Операция при водянке яичка

Operation at a hydrocele

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