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The inflammation and infection of an epididymis is called an epididymite. The epididymis is a long, zmeevikovy tube which passes over and under each male gonad. Mature sperm from a male gonad before an ejaculation gathers and stored in it.

Epididymite symptoms:

The most common symptoms of an epididymite are pain, weakness, and a swelling in a scrotum which gradually worsen. Including other symptoms, such as temperature increase, frequent and urodynias, or allocations from a penis.

Epididymite reasons:

Variirutsya by the reasons of an epidimitit depending on your age and behavior. At children in most cases it is connected with an infection of uric ways. At young guys who lead sex life it often connect with venereal diseases. And at men it is more senior results from increase in a prostate. It is possible that bacterial infections extend vsledstviye of an inflammation of a rectum or as a result of the urological procedure that can also lead to developing of an epididymite. Damage of inguinal area can also cause an epididymite.

Treatment of the Epididymite:

For treatment of an epididymite antibiotics are used. Ways of support, such as bed rest together with a high arrangement of a basin and hips, and protivospalitelny medicines (such as ibuprofen or ketoprofen), can help to lower discomfort, is caused by an epididymite.

If you found epididymite symptoms, it is necessary to reduce risk of spread of a possible infection to your partner avoiding of sexual intercourse until you are not examined by the doctor. Very important for sexual partners to perform inspection and to treat possible infections.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Epididymite:

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