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Pain in a small egg


Testicles (seed plants) are male gonads. Testicles (right and left) are located in the corresponding half of a scrotum at the man. The seed cords consisting of covers of a small egg, a yaichkovy artery, veins of a yaichkovy veniplex and a deferent duct approach an upper pole of each small egg. On side surfaces of testicles on an extent from upper to lower poles appendages of testicles which at the lower pole of a small egg proceed in deferent ducts are located. Testicles can be probed hands through scrotum skin in the form of roundish formations of an elastic consistence. Epididymes it is probed in the form of rollers on a side surface of testicles.

Main functions of testicles:
- products of male sex hormone (testosterone);
- products of spermatozoa (men's sex cells necessary for fertilization process).

Main functions of appendages of testicles:
- carrying out spermatozoa from a small egg in a deferent duct;
- implementation of process of ripening of spermatozoa.

Pain in a small egg can arise as at the adult man, so at the teenager, and even the child. Pain in testicles is one of the thrills which the man can have in the life. Even if pain is not connected with direct threat to health and life, she weakens the man, causes fear of death, is followed by plentiful perspiration, nausea and vomiting.

Строение мужских половых органов

Structure of men's generative organs

The pain reasons in a small egg:

Pain in testicles (pain in a small egg) is quite frequent occasion of the address to the urologist-andrologist. Infectious and inflammatory diseases of a small egg (orchitis) or an appendage (epididymite), chronic prostatitis, STD (ureaplasmosis, clamidiosis, mycoplasmosis), surgical interventions, an injury and tumors of testicles, inguinal hernia, small egg torsion, the varikotsel, the gidrotsel or the spermatotsel can become the pain reasons in a small egg. Generally these diseases are easily diagnosed and treated. Sometimes pain in a small egg becomes chronic, even after carrying out a corresponding course of treatment. Statistically, the reason of chronic pain in a small egg does not manage to be found in 25% of patients.

- Most often pain in testicles arises at an acute injury of a scrotum. Less often it develops gradually if a scrotum injury chronic and not too strong in itself. Disturbance of integrity of testicles meets extremely seldom, but also the usual blow to testicles can lead to an instant loss of consciousness. Fortunately, direct damage of testicles meets quite seldom. If you felt the unexpected and painful pain in testicles which is not caused by an injury, ask for medical care. If the injury of testicles is followed by damage by a sharp object, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately to avoid development of heavy complications (losses of a small egg, infertility).

- The acute pain in testicles develops against the background of full wellbeing, without any impact on a scrotum. It happens at small egg torsion. The small egg is suspended on a seed cord which comprises blood vessels and deferent ducts. Sometimes the small egg changes the situation, twisting around a longitudinal axis. It conducts to torsion of a seed cord by 360 degrees, to interruption of blood circulation of a small egg, squeezing of a deferent duct. If urgent medical care (was not provided up to an operative measure), then the small egg can die off.
The reasons of torsion of a small egg are unknown; physical activity here, probably, at anything as torsion often occurs in a dream. Cold weather for some reason increases risk, so reduction of local muscles can play a part here. Frequency of this frustration quickly decreases after 30 years (though some prize from the general loss of the elasticity of fabrics coming with age).

- Pain in testicles at an epididymite – an epididymis inflammation, - can also be intolerably strong. But at the same time the man himself can feel a scrotum and define that the small egg is increased, is painful at a touch.
Usually bacteria, as a rule, the gonokokk or chlamydias causing, besides, uretrita (an urethra inflammation) are the reasons of an epididymite. Specialists assume that high pressure in an urethra forces the infected urine to move on a deferent duct back, to an appendage. Sexual excitement is the main reason for increase in pressure in this zone, but inflammations of an appendage happen also at old men when bacteria extend from the infected prostate.
The inflammation of an epididymis is almost always observed only on the one hand. Pain amplifies gradually, within one-three days. The man can note and other symptoms of infection of an urethral path - temperature increase, a spontaneous urination or burning in the channel.
The address to the doctor is obligatory – the inflammation can lead to infertility and impotence.

- The orchitis (an inflammation of testicles) is quite rare disease, except for a complication after a mumps. Many adult patients are frightened this diagnosis, believing that the complication will result them in sterility (infertility). I explain that it happens, but less than they think.
The small egg inflammation reason - a virus of epidemic parotitis (mumps) usually strikes sialadens of children, forming a strong swelling behind a mandible and causing the increased temperature and the general disease state which proceeds about a week. The virus infects also other bodies, among them is the most frequent (for the unknown reasons) testicles. But it almost never happens before puberty. Usual disease. The mumps at adults proceeds not heavier, than at children, and the orchitis strikes from only 20 to 30% of the diseased. Only in 10% of these cases defeat of both testicles comes to light.
Symptoms of epidemic parotitis appear suddenly, for the third or fourth day after swelling of sialadens: sharply temperature increases, and testicles swell and become painful. The disease lasts week or slightly less, and then (approximately in 50% of cases) the struck testicles shrink within the next two months. The atrophied small egg usually produces less sperm, but the man with one normal small egg does not lose ability to fertilization. Even the bilateral orchitis optional leads to infertility if the atrophy of both gonads did not go too far.

- Varikotsele as the reason of an acute pain in testicles, is rather seldom. Usually, if to a varikotsela is followed by pain, then it accrues gradually though can have character strong and intolerable.
Inguinal hernia can cause pain in testicles if the big volume of a gut which puts the physical pressure upon testicles fell to a scrotum.

- There is pain in testicles as reflection of painful sensitivity at an urolithiasis, cysts and tumors of kidneys. Inspection at the urologist is necessary if you do not see the real reason of pain.

- One of the frequent reasons of pains in testicles at young men is unsatisfied sexual excitement. At sexual excitement blood accumulates both in a penis, and in testicles. If sexual excitement long does not receive a discharge in the form of an ejaculation, the bulked-up testicles can hurt (so-called "blue eggs"). Men often use this argument, convincing women not to detain them sexual satisfaction. However in several hours this pain passes also without ejaculation. Unsatisfied sexual excitement and consequently also pain in testicles, it is possible to remove by means of masturbation.

What symptoms are dangerous and demand the address to the doctor?
1. You feel pain at a touch to one or both testicles.
2. One small egg became more, than another, softer, changed a form.
3. You felt sudden severe pain in a small egg.
4. You felt pain in a scrotum which gradually amplifies.
5. You feel pain in a scrotum which is followed by nausea, faintness, vomiting, fervescence.
6. Pain arose after an injury of a scrotum and did not cease within an hour.
7. At control palpation of testicles you defined on one of testicles tuberosity or camber (painful or painless) which was not earlier.

Treatment of pain in a small egg:

The scheme of treatment depends on a basic disease against the background of which pain in a small egg developed.

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