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Gullet diverticulums


Diverticulums of a gullet are the protrusions of a wall of a gullet in the form of a bag or a blind tube which are reported with a gullet gleam. Such protrusion can break function of swallowing and advance of food in a gullet. In a cavity of protrusion food can be late and collect, arise inflammatory processes.

Distinguish true and false diverticulums of a gullet.

The true diverticulum is a protrusion which walls are formed by all layers of an esophageal wall – mucous, muscular and an outside cover.

The false diverticulum is a protrusion of a mucous membrane through defect in a muscular layer of a wall of a gullet. The wall of such protrusion consists only of a mucous and outside membrane.

Дивертикулы пищевода при рентгенконтрастном исследовании

Gullet diverticulums at a X-ray contrast research

Symptoms of Diverticulums of a gullet:

Pressure diverticulums usually develop at increase in pressure in a gullet as a result of disturbance of its motility, stenoses of underlying departments of a gullet. The gullet wall in this case is stuck out in weaker point.

Traction diverticulums are formed as a result of an union between a wall of a gullet and surrounding bodies. Usually the union occurs at inflammatory process in lymph nodes of roots of lungs, tracheas. At the same time the body to which a part of a gullet is soldered pulls it on itself, the wall of a gullet stretches, formed protrusion – a diverticulum.

The mechanism of development of a diverticulum can be mixed, owing to two of these reasons, then there are gullet traction pressure diverticulums.

The diverticulum can exist on any site of a gullet. Diverticulums on a back wall of a throat and gullet meet. Such diverticulums are called pharyngeal pockets or tseykerovsky diverticulums.

Tseyker's diverticulum is shown by disturbance of swallowing and regurgitation (the return throwing of food from a gullet in an oral cavity). There can be a pharyngalgia, feeling of a lump in a throat. The diagnosis of a diverticulum of Tseyker is ustanalivat at X-ray inspection. The endoscopic research can be dangerous to the patient. Consultation of the otolaryngologist is necessary.

Diverticulums can be single or multiple. Their suppuration, perforation, an esophageal stenosis, an ozlokachestvleniye can become complications of diverticulums of a gullet. Sometimes there are bleedings from diverticulums. The disturbance of swallowing caused by a diverticulum and the return throwing of food in an oral cavity and a trachea, leads to development of pneumonia, abscesses of lungs, pleurisy. The diverticulum can sometimes become an origin of stenocardia and disturbances of a heart rhythm.

Reasons of Diverticulums of a gullet:

Diverticulums inborn and acquired meet. On the development mechanism the acquired diverticulums happen:
pulsion and traction.

Treatment of Diverticulums of a gullet:

At first conservative actions are undertaken: the diet, the use full, crushed, not hot, unirritating a food gullet wall is appointed. Meal in a comfortable position, without hurrying. For the purpose of the prevention or elimination of inflammatory process in a diverticulum carry sometimes out washing and a drainage of a gullet by warm water or weak solutions of antiseptic agents. Diverticulums of the big sizes are subject to removal. The experienced doctor can remove a diverticulum by means of endoscopy.

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