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Stenosis (stricture) of a gullet


Gullet stricture – the esophageal stenosis which is often caused by influence of acid contents of the stomach thrown in a gullet.

Symptoms of the Stenosis (stricture) of a gullet:

The main symptom of a stricture of a gullet is the dysphagy which is quite often combined with heartburn, an acid and bitter eructation. Quickly progressing dysphagy (less than 3 months) with loss of body weight is more characteristic of gullet cancer.

For the purpose of specification of the diagnosis the research of a thorax and gullet, further - esophago - gastroscopy is originally conducted.

On the basis of an endoscopic picture on expressiveness of an esophageal stenosis allocate 4 degrees and as much on clinic of a syndrome of a disfalgiya (0 - normal swallowing; 1 - firm write periodic difficulties when passing; 2 - food semi-fluid food: 3 - food only liquid food; 4 - impossibility to swallow saliva). At the same time consider also the extent of a cicatricial stenosis of a gullet as success of not operational expansion of a stricture and adequate vosstanoateniye of peroral food quite often depends on it.

Выраженный стеноз пищевода на ФЭГС

The expressed gullet stenosis on FEGS

Reasons of the Stenosis (stricture) of a gullet:

Most often the erosive and ulcer reflux esophagitis, reception of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are an origin of a stricture (narrowing) of a gullet, is more rare - effects of burns and other injuries of a gullet, including radiation therapy concerning a breast cancer, bronchial tubes or a gullet (the stenoses arising after a roentgenotherapy of tumors of a gullet usually are always connected with a recurrent tumor).

Treatment of the Stenosis (stricture) of a gullet:

In therapy of such patients the endoscopic dilataiiya is used now. If after the chepeshny procedure symptoms recur in the first 4 weeks, then it is necessary to assume a carcinoma. Along with endoscopic dilatation of a gullet an inclination of these patients, according to indications, antpeskregorny drugs, especially омепразол (лосек) - on 20 mg / by the Art. within 4 weeks can be used.

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