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Intestines atony


The atony of intestines is the disturbance of bowel emptying which is expressed in increase in intervals between defecations or the complicated chair. The lock is a sign of many morbid conditions or a consequence of impact on an organism of adverse factors.

Intestines Atony symptoms:

The most common form is the alimentary lock connected with improper feeding. Exist also neurogenic, psychogenic, the lock connected with defeats of anorectal area, weakening of muscles, and also locks endocrine and toxic.
Accumulation of slags in a gut gleam is a consequence of a lock. It can be coprolites (fecal stones), slime, the suspension containing toxins, microorganisms, chemically harmful connections, etc.

As in a large intestine there is an active absorption of liquid, vitamins and microelements, at locks of people has deficiency of the last and increase of internal intoxication because of constant intake of substances, harmful to an organism, in blood. Mucous a large intestine becomes inflamed, squeezing of its certain sites negatively affects work of other bodies, by reflex influence. There are disturbances of a condition of microflora and, as a result, deterioration in the general condition of an organism, emergence of allergic reactions, immune disturbances, etc. There is feedforward between development of oncological diseases and degree of a zashlakovannost of a large intestine.

Intestines Atony reasons:

Also mechanical obstacles for advance of contents on intestines can be the cause of a lock: tumors or polyps, adhesive desease, anomalies of development of a large intestine.

Treatment of the Atony of intestines:

Traditional treatment of locks is purpose of laxative drugs which not only do not remove the lock cause, but also not always adequately solve its effects. Besides laxative drugs on the basis of Senna cause a mucosal atrophy of a large intestine and further aggravate a disease.
The proctologist will help to reveal associated diseases of anorectal area. All this will allow not only to eliminate manifestations of a lock, but also to warn its numerous complications. You normalize not only a physical activity of intestines, but also microflora, intoxication will decrease, complexion will improve, the hypertension and a depression will recede, function of a liver will be recovered, weight will be lost and the metabolism is normalized.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Atony of intestines:

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