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Barrett's gullet


Barrett's gullet is frustration at which the mucous membrane of a gullet is injured. This damage happens when a part of a gullet repeatedly is affected by gastric acid, and is replaced with the fabric similar to that which covers intestines. This process is called an intestinal metaplasia.

The mucous membrane of a gullet and stomach have various functions, and contains various types of cells. Besides, their morphological structure very much differs that does diagnosis of a gullet of Barrett rather simple for the doctor. At the end of a gullet there is an area which is border between cells of a gullet and stomach. At development of a gullet of Barrett of a cell of a gastric epithelium are located above the specified border.

Reasons of a gullet of Barrett:

Barrett's gullet is a rarity. The most widespread risk factor of development of a gullet of Barrett is long history of a gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERB) at the patient though only at small percent of sick GERB Barrett's gullet will develop further. However, in the presence of Barrett's gullet the risk of developing of cancer of gullet significantly increases.

When gastric acid gets into a gullet, it can lead to injury of a normal mucous membrane. Inflammatory process after an injury of a gullet is called an esophagitis. If this injury of a gullet remains for many years, the normal mucous membrane loses the ability to self-recovery.  Instead, it is replaced with an epithelium, atypical for a gullet, as is called Barrett's gullet.

Symptoms of a gullet of Barrett:

Barrett's gullet in itself is not shown by any symptoms. The acid reflux which causes Barrett's gullet can have heartburn symptoms. If Barrett's gullet progressed in gullet cancer, symptoms can include the complicated swallowing or loss of weight.

Метаплазия слизистой при пищеводе Барретта

Metaplasia mucous at Barrett's gullet

Пищевод Барретта (макропрепарат)

Gullet Barrett (macrodrug)


People who test an acid reflux within several years have to undergo endoscopic inspection of an upper part of a gullet to define whether there is Barrett's gullet. Fabric samples from pathological areas of a gullet it is investigated under a microscope by a histologic method. Sample fabric, pointing to an intestinal metaplasia with scyphoid cells, indicate the need of diagnosis of a gullet of Barrett.

Treatment of a gullet of Barrett:

The best strategy of treatment of a gullet of Barrett is his prevention. In the presence of the diagnosis of GERB at the patient it is necessary to pay attention to a way of life and the patient's diet, purpose of drugs (such as antacids, inhibitors of a proton pomp and H2 blockers) for management of an acid reflux is possible.

Now there are no drugs which completely cure Barrett's gullet. Treatment of a basic disease (GERB), however, can slow down a course of a disease and prevent complications. These actions include:
1. Reduction of volume of food, more frequent meals.
2. Restriction of consumption of acid, stimulating food stuffs and drinks.
3. Raising of the head end of a trunk for the period of a dream.
4. Maintenance of optimum body weight.
5. Refusal of smoking.
6. Refusal of alcohol.
7. Refusal of belts or clothes, which skintight around a waist.
8. Reception of the recommended drugs at an acid reflux.

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