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Deficit of a protein of S


Protein of C -  the vitamin-to-dependent protein synthesized in a liver which contacts thrombomodulin (protein on endothelial cells) and turns  thrombin into active protease (fig. 60.5). Interacting with  S protein, the activated protein With destroys  a factor of Va and  a factor of VIIIa, stopping formation  of fibrin.

Противосвертывающая система крови

Anticoagulative system of blood

Symptoms of Deficit of a protein of S:

Deficit of a protein of S is shown by recurrent venous  fibrinferments and  TELA and autosomal is usually inherited it is prepotent. Structural anomalies of this protein are found in some patients with fibrinferments.

Level of a protein of S is not so rigidly connected with bent to fibrinferments as antithrombin III level.

At last, a part of a protein of S contacts the C4b-connecting protein, losing functional activity. Perhaps, it is necessary to measure more precisely level as the general, and a free protein of S or at the same time to determine the level of the C4b-connecting protein.

Reasons of Deficit of a protein of S:

The mode of inheritance is autosomal and dominant.

Treatment of Deficit of a protein of S:

Patients with heterozygous deficit of a protein of S at acute fibrinferments have to receive  heparin, and later - to pass to indirect  anticoagulants. At the same time, however, the following complexity is possible: indirect anticoagulants can reduce level not only  a factor of II,  a factor of VII,  a factor of IX and  a factor of X, but also  a protein With and S protein that will nullify their antitrombotichesky action.

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