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Препарат Алпизарин. ЗАО "Фармцентр Вилар” Россия

Producer: CJSC Pharmtsentr Villar Russia

Code of automatic telephone exchange: J05AX

Release form: Firm dosage forms. Tablets.

Indications to use: Genital herpes. Herpes infection (Herpes). Aphthous stomatitis. (Deprive) the surrounding herpes. Herpetiform eczema of Kaposha. Cytomegaloviral infection. Chicken pox (Chicken pox).

General characteristics. Structure:

Active вещество:Тетрагидроксиглюкопиранозилксантен (Алпизарин®) (in terms of 100% substance) — 0,1 g.

Auxiliary вещества:сахар milk (lactose) — 0,1 g; potato starch — 0,0475 g, calcium stearate (calcium stearate) — 0,0025 g.

Pharmacological properties:

Алпизарин® receive from the mangiferin allocated from leaves of mango Indian — Mangifera indica L., families of sumach — Anacardiaceae.

Pharmacodynamics. Алпизарин® has antiviral activity concerning viruses: Herpes simplex 1 and 2 of type, Herpes zoster, Varicella zoster, cytomegaloviruses. In experiences of in vitro the inhibiting effect of a tetragidroksiglyukopiranozilksanten concerning a human immunodeficiency virus is shown.
The inhibiting effect of drug on a reproduction of a virus is especially shown at early stages of its development. Алпизарин® does not influence activity of a virus neuraminidase.
Алпизарин® has the immunostimulating properties concerning cellular and humoral immunity, ability to induce products of gamma interferon in blood cells.
Алпизарин® inhibits growth of gram-negative (Escherichia coli) and gram-positive (Staphylococcus aureus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis) bacteria, mushrooms (Microsporum canis) and pathogenic protozoa (Entamoeba histolytica, Trichomonas vaginalis). Ability of suppression of activity of a bacterial nuclease is the cornerstone of the mechanism of effect of drug. Алпизарин® possesses moderate antiinflammatory action.

Pharmacokinetics. Drug at intake is quickly soaked up from digestive tract. In a blood plasma not changed тетрагидроксиглюкопиранозилксантен is defined during 0,5–5 h after use.
The maximum of concentration of a tetragidroksiglyukopiranozilksanten — 4,5, is reached by mkg/ml in 1 hour after its use.
Tetragidroksiglyukopiranozilksanten substantially contacts blood proteins (90–70%).
Extrarenal ways of removal of a tetragidroksiglyukopiranozilksanten prevail. Excretion of not changed tetragidroksiglyukopiranozilksanten kidneys for 24 h does not exceed 0,1%.

Indications to use:

As a part of a combination therapy of the acute and recurrent infections caused by a virus of a herpes simplex of various localization (including genital); viral diseases of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity (aphthous stomatitis), shingles, herpetiform eczema of Kaposha, Cytomegaloviral infection, chicken pox.

Route of administration and doses:

Tablets apply irrespective of meal. To adults and children 12 years are more senior appoint on 1–2 tablet 3–4 times a day, children are 6–12 years old — on 1 tablet 2–3 times a day, children are 3–6 years old — on 1/2–1 tablet 2–3 times a day.
The therapeutic effect of drug is most expressed at its appointment in an initial stage of a disease. Duration of treatment depends on a form and disease severity:
— In case of widespread rashes at acute and recurrent forms of a herpes simplex of both genital, and extragenital localization, and also in the presence of fever, a limfoadenopatiya and other general phenomena drug is used within 5–14 days.
— At herpetiform eczema of Kaposha and a Cytomegaloviral infection — within 7–21 days as a part of complex therapy.
— At aphthous stomatitis drug is appointed within 5–15 days.
— At the diseases caused Herpes zoster (shingles) and Varicella zoster (chicken pox) — within 5–21 days.
At a recurrence carry out repeated courses of treatment by drug. For prevention of a recurrence of herpesviridae infections drug is appointed in a month after the end of treatment within 10–14 days.
The maximum daily dose of drug for children from 3rd to 12 years makes 300 mg (three tablets); for children is more senior than 12 years and adult — 800 mg (eight tablets).

Features of use:

- In case of widespread rashes, and also in the presence of fever, a limfoadenopatiya and other general phenomena use the drug "Алпизарин® Tablets of 100 Mg" in a complex with the drug "Алпизарин® Ointment for External and Topical Administration of 2% and 5%",
- 1 tablet of drug contains 0,1 g of sugar milk (lactoses) and 0,0475 g of potato starch that there correspond 0,01 GU (grain units). The maximum daily dose of drug for children from 3rd to 12 years supports 0,03 XE; for children is more senior than 12 years and adults — 0,08 XE.
- Drug does not exert impact on performance of potentially dangerous types of activity or the demanding increased concentration of attention and speed of psychomotor reactions (management of transport and work with moving mechanisms).

Side effects:

Allergic reactions are possible.

Interaction with other medicines:

It is not described.


Hypersensitivity to drug components. Pregnancy. Children's age up to 3 years. Insufficiency of lactase, lactose intolerance, glyukozo-galaktozny malabsorption.
With care: breastfeeding period.


So far cases of overdose are not registered. Emergence of overdose is improbable.
Interaction with other medicines is not described.

Storage conditions:

In the place protected from light at a temperature not above 25 °C. To store in the place, unavailable to children.

Issue conditions:

According to the recipe


Tablets of 100 mg.
On 10, 20, 30 tablets in a blister strip packaging from a film of polyvinyl chloride and printing aluminum foil with a thermovarnish covering.
2 blister strip packagings No. 10, or on 1 blister strip packaging No. 20 or No. 30 together with the instruction on a medical use place in a pack from a cardboard for a retail container.

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