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Tailbone cyst


The second name of a cyst of a tailbone – a pilonidalny cyst. This education is localized at the very end of a backbone.  The cyst of a tailbone is more widespread among men, than among women, and is more often diagnosed aged from 15 up to 24 years.

Tailbone cyst reasons:

Bad hygiene, obesity, inactive way of life, the increased perspiration, long stay in a sitting position, the excess growth of hair, use of the fitting clothes, driving the bicycle is the main reasons for developing of a cyst of a tailbone for a long time. Other reason of formation of this pathology – blocking of a hair follicle.

Tailbone cyst symptoms:

The cyst of a tailbone is shown by various symptoms. It is shown by pain and a swelling in the lower part of a backbone, erubescence, emergence of an opening on the surface of skin and release of pus. These cysts are rather harmless, however at infection of a cyst of a tailbone there is expressed pain and hypostasis. At the same time it is difficult for person to sit and go. From time to time, at the person temperature increases, there is a fever.  

Киста копчика (внешний вид)

Tailbone cyst (outward)

Treatment of a cyst of a tailbone:

Treatment of a cyst of a tailbone is shown at development of complications, first of all infectious character. Surgical treatment of the infected cyst of a tailbone consists in a section and drainage  of a cavity of a cyst. In parallel carry out an antibioticotherapia. Process is carried out under local anesthesia, it is recommended to change bandages up to three weeks.
Other way of treatment consists in full excision of a cyst that allows to exclude a recurrence. The doctor deletes a cyst together with nearby fabrics.
Extensive cysts of a tailbone are operated under the general anesthesia. Regular outpatient observation after operation provides good healing of fabrics and prevents repeated aggravations.
Complications of cysts of a tailbone include a recurrence, formation of abscess, infection which can sometimes extend on all organism, and formation of a carcinoma cutaneum is very rare.
The best way of prevention of cysts of a tailbone is maintenance of good hygiene, wearing free clothes, active lifestyle for avoiding of pressure upon a tailbone, the maintenance of skin in purity. Corpulent people have to reduce weight to avoid probability of development of this pathology.

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