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Hydrops gravidarum


Hydrops gravidarum (hydrops gravidarum, hypostasis of pregnant women) — one of organized criminal group gestosis forms (late toxicosis of pregnant women) which is characterized by emergence in the second half of pregnancy of hypostases in the absence of protein in urine and normal arterial pressure.

Hydrops gravidarum reasons:

The origins of hypostases are connected with change of a water salt metabolism, and also with disturbance of blood circulation in system of capillaries and precapillaries as a result of changes of neuroendocrinal regulation. In development of a hydrops gravidarum deviations in the state of health of the woman before pregnancy matter (disbolism with tendency to obesity, a liver disease).

Hydrops gravidarum symptoms:

The disease develops gradually more often. Before emergence of the expressed hypostases so-called alarm symptoms can be noted; an excess increase in weight (300-400 g in a week), ring symptoms (the ring on a finger is displaced hardly), close footwear (raznoshenny footwear becomes close). The weight increase at an edema can make 700 g a week at norm of 250-300 g. If measures are timely not taken, visible hypostases develop. Distinguish four stages of development of hypostases: the first - hypostases of feet and shins; the second - hypostases of the lower extremities, the lower part of a stomach and lumbosacral area; the third — hypostases on hands and pastosity of the person; the fourth - the general hypostasis. Skin takes a glossy form, keeping normal coloring. It allows to distinguish a hydrops gravidarum, from hypostases at diseases of kidneys of which pallor of skin is characteristic, and also from cardiac dropsies when cyanosis is noted. At a hydrops gravidarum disturbances of cordial activity, function of a liver and kidneys are not observed; liquid in pleural and belly cavities does not accumulate. In a rise period of hypostases the amount of the emitted urine (a negative diuresis) decreases. The general condition of the pregnant woman remains satisfactory, only at the expressed hypostases there are a feeling of weight, an asthma, fatigue, sometimes tachycardia.

Treatment of a hydrops gravidarum:

Treatment in an initial stage of a hydrops gravidarum can be carried out on an outpatient basis. The use of the products containing full-fledged proteins (meat, fish, cottage cheese), and also fruit, vegetables, juice is recommended. It is necessary to limit consumption of table salt (to 3-5 g a day) and liquids (no more than a liter a day). Every week it is reasonable to spend fasting days (cottage cheese, apple). For treatment appoint sedative (broths of a grass of a motherwort and valerian root), spasmolytic (Nospanum, a papaverine in tablets), and also the means strengthening a vascular wall (ascorbic acid, Rutinum). Control of body weight, arterial pressure, analyses of urine is necessary. At development of the expressed hypostases the pregnant woman should be sent to hospital. Hypostases disappear at a bed rest, the corresponding diet and reception of diuretics.

The forecast of a hydrops gravidarum usually favorable, timely treatment yields good result, pregnancy comes to an end with childbirth in time. In rare instances at late begun treatment the hydrops gravidarum can quickly pass into a nephropathy of pregnant women. Prevention of a disease consists in observance of the hygienic mode by pregnant women, especially a diet, early identification and timely treatment of disturbances of exchange, diseases of internals. Allocation of risk group concerning development of an organized criminal group gestosis, early diagnosis and treatment of a pretoksikoz are important.

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