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Nanofiyetoz - the invasive disease of the person, domestic and wild carnivores caused by Nanophyetus salmincola trematode from this Heterophyidae parasitizing in thin department of intestines. The disease is registered очагово, it is preferential in Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai, in basins of the rivers flowing into Ussuri.

Reasons of a nanofiyetoz:

The activator of a nanofiyetoz - a trematode, almost rounded shape, 0,58 — 0,62 mm of length and 0,45 — 0,47 mm of width.

Development of the activator happens to participation of intermediate owners. Eggs with excrements of definitivny owners get to reservoirs and within three months in eggs the larva (miratsidiya) which then leaves it develops. Miratsidy, floating in water, is implemented into the intermediate owner — fresh-water Gastropoda of mollusks from this. Pleuroceridae where they pass a stage sporocysts, rediya and a cercaria. Soon cercariae leave a mollusk and in water are implemented into the additional owner — fishes more often than the following types: grayling, whitefish, lenka, salmon trout, Siberian salmon, minnow, shirokolobka, etc. They settle generally in muscles of a body, fins, the heads and in internals and soon turn in invasive metatserkariyev. Extensiveness of infection of the Amur fishes with metacercarias reaches 80 — 90%, at intensity — to several thousand larvae.

Metacercarias are surrounded with the thin transparent connective tissue capsule. The person or an animal, eating not neutralized sick fish, catches nanofiyetozy.

Symptoms of a nanofiyetoz:

The people infected with this trematode thin, skin and visible mucous membranes pale, appear pains in right hypochondrium, they feel an indisposition, dizziness, lose appetite.

The diagnosis is made on the basis of clinical signs and gelmintokoprologichesky researches. At the same time in excrements find helminth eggs.

Treatment of a nanofiyetoz:

Treatment of a nanofiyetoz consists in purpose of extract of a men's fern in a dose 3-3,5g.
In the centers of distribution of a nanofiyetoz conduct universal examination of the population and animals. Investigate food fishes on a prevalence their metacercarias of trematodes and thus reveal unsuccessful reservoirs. Hold the events directed to a rupture of contact of the definitivny owner with the infested fish. It is for this purpose forbidden to eat not neutralized crude fish, to feed her to cats, dogs, fur-bearing animals. This work is carried out by health and veterinary workers, carry out treatment of patients and broad explanatory work among the population of unsuccessful areas.

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