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Hypogalactia — decrease in functions of mammary glands which can be shown in disturbance of processes of a laktopoez, lactogenesis or a letting down of milk, and also in reduction of a lactation on time (less than 5 months).

The insufficient lactation can be found during the first 10 days of a puerperal period (an early form) and after this period (a late form). Primary hypogalactia, that is such when at mother from the first days of a lactation the sharp lack of milk comes to light, meets seldom — from 2,8 to 8% (E. M. Fateeva, Zh. V. Tsaregradskaya). Much the secondary hypogalactia at which mother has enough milk in the beginning meets more often, but further the lactation begins to decrease or remains at such level which does not satisfy need of the growing child.

Hypogalactia symptoms:

The hypogalactia is a reduction of volume or duration of a lactation. According to classification it is divided on early and late, primary and secondary, true and false. The early hypogalactia is a lack of milk within 10 days after the delivery, late comes to light 10 days later after delivery.

Hypogalactia reasons:

Primary hypogalactia.

The neurohormonal disturbances defining insolvency of a laktopoez are the reasons of primary hypogalactia. Dishormonal states involve a growth disorder and development of mammary glands, change of their secretory and motor function. In this respect it should be noted functional inferiority of mammary glands at infantility, diseases of internals. In the presence of signs of the general underdevelopment the hypogalactia occurs at 20% of nursing mothers. Quite often primary hypolactation arises after heavy late toxicoses, bleedings in a puerperal period, traumatic obstetric operations, puerperal infections.

Secondary hypogalactia.

Among the reasons promoting development of a secondary hypogalactia, a number of authors allocate the following: mastitis and nipple cracks, diseases of mother (flu, quinsy, tuberculosis, epilepsy).

Disturbances in the mode of feeding of the child, irregular applying to a breast, long breaks between feedings create conditions to the wrong function of a molokoobrazovaniye, reduce sucking activity of the child. Sluggish suction (exhaustion, prematurity) leads to insufficient irritation of a mammary gland and oppression of a lactation.

In development of a hypogalactia the essential role is given to swallowing air (aerophagia) during suction. Swallowing air is observed at all newborns. When the volume of the swallowed air does not exceed 10% of volume of the stomach filled with milk, the aerophagia is physiological. Swallowing a large amount of air — the phenomenon pathological. At sharply expressed aerophagia the child does not exhaust the put amount of milk as the stomach at the newborn stretches at the expense of air and the feeling of satiety is created.

Besides, many medicinal substances oppress milk secretion: gestagena and androgens, camphor, an ergot and its alkaloids, diuretics, etherization, progestins before pregnancy, Parlodelum, etc.

Treatment of the Hypogalactia:

Rational prevention has to begin in the period of the childhood of future mother. Good nutrition, the prevention of a serious and chronic illness, doing gymnastics and sport during the entire periods of the childhood and youth warn an underdevelopment of mammary glands and all reproductive sphere in general.

Prevention during pregnancy.

Preliminary treatment of the women planning the child's birth, and the safe course of pregnancy. Healthy nutrition of the pregnant woman and the feeding woman. Hygiene of the pregnant woman and the feeding woman. Women are recommended to wear cotton linen, the bra has to be free.

Future mother has to know importance of breastfeeding and breast milk, about danger of artificial feeding both to the child, and to her. It is important to future mother to receive practical recommendations of how to adjust breastfeeding.

Prevention at the time of delivery and feedings by a breast.

It is important that there was physiological childbirth at favorable age (between 21 and 35 years). Use in labor of anesthesia and stimulation is one of hypogalactia origins. The most important measure of prevention — early applying of the newborn to mother's breast, lack of prelactic feeding, and also a dopaivaniye and child's dokarmlivaniye. Frequent applying of the newborn to a breast stimulates a lactation as well as psychological comfort of mother. Often in a situation when the woman has not enough milk, the doctor or the consultant for a lactation can recommend to use system of a dokorm of the child at a breast. The system of a dokorm helps to stimulate a breast when the child receives breast milk of mother, donor breast milk or mix from a bottle. Such system can help to nurse to women with serious hormonal problems or to help not giving birth woman to feed the adopted child.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Hypogalactia:

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