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Препарат Веро-триметазидин. ОАО "ВЕРОФАРМ" Россия

Producer: JSC VEROPHARM Russia

Code of automatic telephone exchange: C01DX17

Release form: Firm dosage forms. Tablets.

Indications to use: Coronary heart disease. Stenocardia. Sonitus.

General characteristics. Structure:

Active ingredient: trimetazidine (trimetazidina dihydrochloride)

Description. Tablets, coated pink color, round, biconvex. The easy mramornost is allowed.

Pharmacological properties:

Pharmacodynamics. Renders anti-anginal, koronarodilatiruyushchy, anti-hypoxemic and hypotensive action. Directly influencing cardiomyocytes and neurons of a brain, optimizes their metabolism and function.

The cytoprotective effect is caused by increase in energy potential, activation of oxidizing decarboxylation and rationalization of consumption of oxygen (strengthening of aerobic glycolysis and blockade of oxidation of fatty acids). Maintains contractility of a myocardium, prevents intracellular exhaustion of ATP and phosphocreatinine. In the conditions of acidosis normalizes functioning of ion channels of membranes, interferes with accumulation of calcium and sodium in cardiomyocytes, normalizes the intracellular maintenance of K+. Reduces the intracellular acidosis and content of phosphates caused by ischemia of a myocardium and reperfusion. Interferes with the damaging action of free radicals, keeps integrity of cellular membranes, prevents activation of neutrophils in an ischemia zone, increases duration of electric potential, reduces a kreatinfosfokinaza exit from cells and expressiveness of ischemic injuries of a myocardium.

At stenocardia reduces the frequency of attacks (consumption of nitrates decreases), in 2 weeks of treatment tolerance to an exercise stress increases, differences of arterial pressure decrease. Improves hearing and results of vestibular tests at patients with pathology of ENT organs, reduces dizziness and  a sonitus. At vascular pathology of eyes recovers functional activity of a retina of an eye.

Pharmacokinetics. It is quickly and almost completely adsorbed mucous intestines. Bioavailability — 90%. Time of achievement of the maximum concentration in a blood plasma — 2 hours. The maximum concentration (after single oral administration of 20 mg of Vero-trimetazidin) — about 55 ng/ml. The elimination half-life makes 4,5–5 h. Easily passes through gistogematichesky barriers. Communication with proteins of a blood plasma — 16%. It is removed by kidneys (about 60% — in not changed look).

Indications to use:

Coronary heart disease, stenocardia ( as a part of complex therapy), chorioretinal vascular disorders, dizzinesses of a vascular origin, kokhleovestibulyarny disturbances of the ischemic nature ( a sonitus, a hearing disorder).

Route of administration and doses:

Inside on 20 mg (1 tablet) 2 times a day, during food in the morning and in the evening. A course of treatment — according to the recommendation of the doctor.

Features of use:

 Against the background of treatment by drug ischemic heart disease patients have an essential reduction of daily need for nitrates. Drug does not influence ability to driving of the car and performance of work, demanding the high speed of mental and physical reaction.

Side effects:

Allergic reactions (skin itch) to drug or any of its components. Seldom — weak frustration from digestive tract, such as gastralgia, nausea and vomiting.

Interaction with other medicines:

There are no data.


Hypersensitivity to a trimetazidin, a renal failure (the clearance of creatinine is lower than 15 ml/min.), the expressed abnormal liver functions, pregnancy, the lactation period, children's age up to 18 years (efficiency and safety are not established).


There are no data.

Storage conditions:

 List B. To store in dry, protected from light, the place, unavailable to children. A period of validity - 2 years. Not to apply after the expiry date specified on packaging.

Issue conditions:

According to the recipe


Tablets, coated, on 0,02 g. On 10 tablets in a blister strip packaging. On 30 tablets in bank of orange glass or on the 3rd blister strip packagings with the application instruction in a pack.

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