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Изображение отсутствует

Producer: RUP of Belmedpreparata Republic of Belarus

Code of automatic telephone exchange: M01AX05

Release form: Firm dosage forms. Powder for oral solution.

Indications to use: Osteoarthrosis (Остеоартит). Arthrosis. Osteochondrosis. Spondylarthrosis. Patella chondromalacia. Periarthritis.

General characteristics. Structure:

Active ingredient: 1,5 g  of a glycosamine a hydrochloride in 1 bag.

Pharmacological properties:

Pharmacodynamics. The glycosamine is an aminomonosaccharide, is used in an organism by chondrocytes as a starting material for synthesis of proteoglycans, glucosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid. Favorably influences metabolism of a cartilage - strengthens anabolic and weakens catabolic processes. Stimulates synthesis of proteoglycans and collagen, raises products of components of an extracellular matrix, at the same time properties of glucosaminoglycans and proteoglycans are close to physiological. Increase in synthetic activity of chondrocytes is followed by the inhibition of a hondrolizis caused by braking of activity of hondrolitichesky proteinases (collagenases, etc.), as is a basis of hondroprotektorny and osteotropny effects.

The glycosamine shows moderate antiinflammatory action which is not connected with suppression of synthesis of prostaglandins, and is implemented due to antioxidant activity (by blocking of formation of superoxidic radicals) and suppression of activity of lizosomalny enzymes. The glycosamine initiates process of fixing of sulfur in synthesis of chondroitinsulphuric acid and promotes normal adjournment of calcium in a bone tissue; interferes with the damaging action of corticosteroids on chondrocytes and to the disturbance of synthesis of glucosaminoglycans induced by NPVP. Sulfonate groups also take part in synthesis of glucosaminoglycans and metabolism of cartilaginous tissue, and sulfoethers of side chains as a part of proteoglycans, promoting water keeping - in preservation of elasticity of a matrix of a cartilage.

Indications to use:

– osteoarthrosis of various localization (including arthrosis of knee and coxofemoral joints, intervertebral osteochondrosis, spondylarthrosis);

– patella chondromalacia;

– scapularhumeral periarthritis;

– recovery of mobility and reduction of pain at damages of the joint and copular device;

– in a complex of rehabilitation actions after injuries of joints.

Route of administration and doses:

Inside, in 20 min. prior to food. On one package (1500 mg) of 1 times a day. Contents of a package should be dissolved completely in 100 ml of water and to drink immediately. Treatment duration 4-12 weeks. Courses of treatment are repeated with an interval of 2 months.

Features of use:

Use at pregnancy and a lactation: data on use of drug during pregnancy and feeding by a breast are absent.

Use in pediatrics: Safety and efficiency of drug at children are aged younger than 12 years is not established.

Influence on ability to drive the car and potentially dangerous mechanisms: does not influence.

Side effects:

Dysfunction of digestive tract (a meteorism, diarrhea, a lock, pains in epigastriums), skin allergic reactions.

Interaction with other medicines:

At the combined use the glycosamine strengthens absorption of tetracyclines and reduces - penicillin and chloramphenicol.

Drug is compatible to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and glucocorticosteroids.

At combined use with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs strengthens antiinflammatory and analgesic effect of the last.


- hypersensitivity to a glycosamine and components of drug;

- the expressed renal failure;

- a fenilketonuriya since contains aspartame;

- intolerance of fructose (fruktozemiya) since contains sorbitol;

- children's age up to 12 years;

- pregnancy;

- lactation period.


The overdose is not described and improbable.

Treatment: gastric lavage, symptomatic therapy.

Issue conditions:

According to the recipe


Powder for preparation of solution for intake on 1,5 g in packages in packaging No. 20.

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