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Kaltsifilaksiya (calciphylaxia; calcium — Greek phylaxis protection) — the acquired condition of hypersensitivity of an organism to calcium which is shown in the form of kaltsifilaktichesky reactions.

Kaltsifilaksiya reasons:

Kaltsifilaksiya is usually observed at a chronic renal failure and a hyperparathyreosis. At first there are centers of ischemia of irregular shape, then the ulceration of hypodermic cellulose, a derma and epidermis begins, gangrene develops. Consecutive infections, sepsis are frequent.

Kaltsifilaksiya symptoms:

Rash elements. The ischemia centers — spots, the marble drawing of skin. Nadishe-mizirovanny skin sometimes forms bubbles. Afterwards — a necrosis of epidermis and a derma, rejection of nekrotizirovanny fabrics and ulceration. If consecutive infection joins, phlegmon and sepsis are possible. Color. At first — dark red, cyanotic, violet. Then the zone of a heart attack becomes black. For several weeks or months the centers gradually extend.

Palpation. If there is no touch neuropathy, even the fresh centers are extremely painful. Fabrics are condensed. Sites of a necrosis have no clear boundary. Localization. Distal departments of extremities, most often — calves and lateral on - a verkhnost of shins. Stomach, buttocks. Fingers of hands. Balanus.

Treatment of a kaltsifilaksiya:

Basic principles: early diagnosis, treatment of a renal failure, resection of epithelial bodies, excision of nek-rotizirovanny fabrics. Avoid corticosteroids and other provocative factors.

Conservative treatment High work calcium x phosphorus. Appoint in means, the connecting phosphates. At the patients who are on a hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis reduce calcium level in blood, reducing concentration of calcium in a dialysis fluid.

Antibiotics. Are necessary at consecutive infections. Renal failure. Dialysis.

Surgical treatment Excision of nekrotizirovanny fabrics. Excise all nekrotizirovanny fabrics and close a wound the split skin rag.

Subtotal resection of epithelial bodies. It is effective at a secondary hyperparathyreosis. The earlier operation, the better is performed.

Amputation. Indications: the extensive gangrene, heavy infectious complications, painful pains which are not eliminated by analgetics.

Transplantation of a kidney. In some cases it is very effective.

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