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Secondary lactose intolerance


Secondary lactose intolerance – the lactose intolerance connected with damage of enterocytes against the background of any disease.

Symptoms of the Secondary lactose intolerance:

    * liquid (often foamy, with an acid smell) a chair which can be as frequent (more than 8 - 10 times a day), and rare or to be absent without stimulation;

    * concern of the child in time or after feeding;

    * abdominal distention;
    * in hard cases of the Lactose intolerance the child badly gains weight or loses flesh.

The kid usually eats well, begins to suck greedy, but several minutes later begins to cry, throws a breast and draws in legs to a stomach. The chair is frequent, liquid, yellow, with an acid smell, foamy (reminds yeast dough). If to collect a chair in glass capacity and to allow to stand, then stratification on fraction becomes accurately visible: liquid and more dense. It must be kept in mind that when using one-time diapers a liquid part is absorbed in them, and then disturbance of a chair can be not noticed.

Much more often greens should face a secondary lactose intolerance at which in a chair there is a lot of slime, and there can be undigested lumps of food.

Кожная сыпь при лактазная недостаточность

Skin rash at a lactose intolerance

Reasons of the Secondary lactose intolerance:

Damage of an enterocyte is possible at infectious, immune (intolerance of protein of cow's milk) inflammatory process in intestines, atrophic changes (for example, after the long period of full parenteral food), a lack of trophic factors. The specific mention is deserved by the secondary lactose intolerance arising against the background of an allergic inflammation in intestines when a basic disease is food allergy, and the lactose intolerance appears only a complication. At natural feeding the allergic inflammation of intestines can develop if the feeding mother uses products allergens.

Treatment of the Secondary lactose intolerance:

At a secondary lactose intolerance the main attention has to be paid to treatment of a basic disease, and decrease in amount of lactose in a diet is a temporary event which is held before recovery of a mucous membrane of a small bowel.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Secondary lactose intolerance:

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    The means applied at functional disorders of digestive tract.

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