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Amputation of I

Amputation of I (Latin amputatio – cutting off) – surgery on cutting off of an extremity or its peripheral part with crossing (a perekusyvaniye, a perepilivaniye) of bones or to removal of body (a mammary gland, a uterus, a penis).

Allocate the following types of amputation:

  • Beznadkostnichny (aperiostalis; synonyms: amputation is aperiostal, Bunge amputation) – the cutting off made with a bone perepilivaniye on 10 mm distalny periosteum section level;
  • Secondary (secundaria) – amputation of an extremity after the injury which caused heavy, life-threatening complications;
  • Guillotine (guillotinea) – the circular amputation made by crossing to a bone of all soft tissues at once with the subsequent perepilivaniye of a bone at the same level;
  • Osteoplastic (osteoplastica) – amputation when which carrying out opit bones cover with a bone autograft for creation of a basic stump;
  • Circular (circularis) – the amputation made by a circular layer-by-layer section; muscles of an extremity are crossed proksimalny a section of skin, a bone – proksimalny places of muscular crossing;
  • Scrappy – amputation with cutting out of 1-2 musculocutaneous rags and crossing at their basis of a bone; rags find taking into account that the hem was on less loaded surface of a stump;
  • Uterus high (uteri alta) – a myohysterectomy at preservation of its lower part;
  • Uterus supravaginal (uteri supravaginalis) – a myohysterectomy at preservation of a distal part of a neck;
  • Primary (primaria) – the amputation of an extremity after an injury made because of weight of damage;
  • Primary transport – amputation primary an extremity which keeps on rags of soft tissues at its explicit frailty;
  • Subperiostal (used up.; subperiostalis) – amputation with a bone perepilivaniye proksimalny opit places of crossing of a periosteum after its amotio in the form of a cuff with which further cover bone;
  • Late (tarda) – amputation because of the unremovable effects of a disease or injury doing an extremity functionally unsuitable and burdensome for the patient;
  • Amputation partial (partialis) – amputation with removal only of a medial, middle or lateral part of foot or brush with the corresponding fingers.
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