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Amputation of II

Amputation of II (Latin amputatio – cutting off) – cutting off or a separation of an extremity, its part or any of bodies.


  • Amputation amniotic (amputatio amniotica; synonyms: amputation is inborn, amputation pre-natal) – one of anomalies of development at which there is an amputation of an extremity or its part because of displacement by amniotic banners in the pre-natal period;
  • Amputation of an umbilical cord [amputatio funiculi. Umbilicalis – LNE (The Leningrad embryological nomenclature)] – a rupture of an umbilical cord, for example, because of sharp movements of a fruit;
  • Amputation traumatic (amputatio traumatica) – cutting off at an injury of an extremity or other acting part of a body.
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