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Anorexia (anorexia; an-– otritsa. the prefix + Greek orexis – appetite, desire is) – lack of appetite against the background of existence of physiological need for food; disturbance is caused by disturbances of activity of the food center.


  • Anorexia neurotic (anorexia neurotica) – arises at superexcitation of a cerebral cortex, in particular at negative emotions;
  • Anorexia neurodynamic – is caused by braking of the center of appetite under the influence of extraordinary irritants, for example, of painful;
  • Anorexia psychological (anorexia neuropsychica; synonyms: the cachexia is nervous, anorexia nervous) – the persistent refusal of meal caused by a mental disease; is followed by emaciation and other signs of starvation.
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The educated person is less subject to brain diseases. Intellectual activity promotes formation of the additional fabric compensating sick.