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Препарат Феназепам. ОАО "Химико-фармацевтический комбинат "АКРИХИН" Россия

Producer: JSC Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant AKRIKHIN Russia

Code of automatic telephone exchange: N05BX

Release form: Firm dosage forms. Tablets.

Indications to use: Psychosis. Sleep disorders. Tics. Hyperkinesias. Neurosis. Alarm. Senesto-ipokhondrichesky syndrome. Panic attacks. Vegetative neurosis. Sleep disorders. Muscle tension. Athetosis. Tics. Epilepsy.

General characteristics. Structure:

Active ingredient: 0,001 g (1 mg) of a bromdigidrokhlorfenilbenzodiazepin (Phenazepamum).

Excipients: sugar milk (lactose), potato starch, gelatin, calcium stearate, stearic acid.

Pharmacological properties:

Pharmacodynamics. Tranquilizer. Has the expressed anxiolytic effect, and also has somnolent, anticonvulsant and central myorelaxation activity.

Indications to use:

- various neurotic, neurosis-like, psychopathic and psychosimilar states which are followed by alarm, fear, an acrimony, emotional lability;

- hypochiondrial syndrome, persistence, panic attacks;

- vegetative dysfunctions;

- frustration of a dream;

- stopping of alcoholic and toxicomaniac abstinence and attacks of various etiology;

- treatment of muscle tension, athetoses, various hyperkinesias, tics, temporal and myoclonic epilepsy.

Route of administration and doses:

Treatment is recommended to begin 500 mkg with reception - 1 mg of 2-3 times/days, gradually increasing a dose to 2-5 mg, in stationary conditions the dose can be raised to 10 mg/days.

Features of use:

With care appoint drug to the patients of advanced age and patients who are engaged in potentially dangerous types of activity requiring special attention and speed of motor and mental reactions.

Side effects:

Drowsiness, muscular weakness, dizziness, nausea are possible. Seldom - an ataxy. In some cases - a mydriasis.

Interaction with other medicines:

At use together with hypnotic drugs and drugs there is mutual strengthening of influence on TsNS.


- heavy myasthenia;

- the expressed abnormal liver functions and/or kidneys;

- pregnancy;

- intoxication other tranquilizers, neuroleptics, hypnotic drugs and drugs;

- drunkenness.



Storage conditions:

List B. To store in dry, protected from light, the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature not above 25 °C. A period of validity - 4 years.

Issue conditions:

According to the recipe


On 10 tablets in a blister strip packaging; 5 blister strip packagings in a pack together with the application instruction.

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Anxiolytic means (tranquilizer).

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