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Anti-Construction Department +

Биологически активная добавка Антиокс+The anti-Construction Department + is the dietary supplement (DS) to food with a complex of antioxidants of a plant origin. Has fortifying effect, increases immunity and ability of an organism to resist to stresses.

Form of release and structure

Drug is produced in the form of the capsules packaged in plastic bottles on 30 pieces or on 10 pieces in blisters (3 blisters in a cardboard box).

One capsule of Anti-Construction Department + (390 mg) contains:

  • Extract of a grape pressing (150 mg);
  • Ginkgo of Biloba (26,5 mg);
  • Vitamin C (65 mg);
  • Vitamin E (10 mg);
  • Beta carotene (5 mg);
  • Yeast with selenium (50 mg);
  • Zinc oxide (18,5 mg).

Indications to use

Use of Anti-Construction Department + promotes strengthening of protection of cells against influence of free radicals, recovery and strengthening of immunity.

According to the instruction of Anti-Construction Department + it is recommended to accept in the following cases:

  • For prevention of oncological diseases and for the purpose of delay of growth of already available malignant new growths;
  • At diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • In the postoperative period;
  • At vegeto-vascular dystonia;
  • At gynecologic diseases, such as endometriosis, myoma or fibroma of a uterus;
  • At a mastopathy;
  • At prostate diseases;
  • At diseases of a nervous system (including depressions);
  • At a peptic ulcer;
  • At general diseases of connecting fabric (a system lupus erythematosus);
  • At long reception of hormonal drugs (including for the purpose of contraception);
  • At long reception of antibacterial drugs;
  • At allergic diseases (bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis);
  • At sleep disorders;
  • At respiratory viral diseases;
  • In case of residence in areas, adverse from the ecological point of view;
  • During the work on harmful production;
  • At it is long not healing wounds (trophic ulcers, decubituses, burns);
  • At skin diseases (acne rash, etc.);
  • In case of a senilism;
  • At functional frustration of the sexual sphere (impotence, frigidity);
  • In case of lag in development in children;
  • At any other states when reception of antioxidants is shown.


According to the instruction of Anti-Construction Department + it is contraindicated during pregnancy, when feeding by a breast and to children aged up to 12 years.

Also it is not necessary to accept drug at hypersensitivity to its components.

Route of administration and dosage

To adults and children after 12 years to accept during food, on 1 capsule 2 times a day, washing down with enough water.

Side effects

The anti-Construction Department + has good tolerance. In rare instances causes side reactions in the form of allergic manifestations.

Special instructions

As drug is biological active additive, you should not apply it as the only means to treatment of a disease.

Surely consult with the doctor before use of Anti-Construction Department +.


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Terms and storage conditions

To store in the place, dry, unavailable to children, at the room temperature.

Period of validity – 3 years.

Whether you know that:

Average life expectancy of lefthanders is less, than right-handed persons.