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Hypertrophy of almonds


The hypertrophy of almonds, both nasopharyngeal, and palatal, more often happens at children's age. At the same time it is usually combined with adenoides that is reflection of the general hyperplasia of lymphadenoid fabric. In this case almonds have a soft consistence, a smooth surface.

Symptoms of the Hypertrophy of almonds:

The increased palatine tonsils can prevent nasal breath and a proglatyvaniye of food. The speech is often complicated. When, except a hypertrophy of almonds, there are adenoides, respiratory function is sharply broken. At the same time the child painfully transfers suffocation attacks during sleep, he is disturbed by cough, he often wakes up. In this regard there are phenomena of nervous exhaustion. The diagnosis is established at a faringoskopiya.

Distinguish three degrees of a hypertrophy. The simple hypertrophy of palatine tonsils needs to be differentiated with chronic hypertrophic tosyllitas which is characterized by quinsies in the anamnesis and faringoskopichesky signs of a chronic inflammation. Significant increase in palatine tonsils happens at a lymphosarcoma, leukemia, a lymphogranulomatosis. In rare instances under the guise of a hypertrophy cold abscess can disappear.

Reasons of the Hypertrophy of almonds:

The hypertrophy of almonds develops owing to acute repeated inflammations.

Treatment of the Hypertrophy of almonds:

At the expressed forms of a hypertrophy of palatine tonsils treatment surgical: make their partial removal – a tonsillotomy at which cut the part of an almond supporting limits of palatal handles. At a small hypertrophy treatment can be not carried out. Sometimes apply knitting and caustics, for the purpose of reduction of a nabukhlost. Are shown stay on the seashore, the southern or mountain climate.

Contraindications to surgical treatment are the acute and hard proceeding chronic infectious diseases, blood diseases. In most cases the tonsillotomy is made to children at the age of 5-7 years in out-patient conditions; seldom it is done it to babies and very seldom adult.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Hypertrophy of almonds:

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