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The pneumosclerosis is characterized by a thickening of interalveolar partitions of lungs. Distinguish focal fibrosis at which insignificant sites of lungs, and diffusion intersticial fibrosis with defeat of large sites of lungs are surprised. At focal fibrosis dysfunction of lungs is shown in several years after an onset of the illness, meanwhile, at diffusion fibrosis symptoms arise quickly.

Pneumosclerosis symptoms:

    * Cough; asthma.
    * Cyanosis of integuments.
    * Bronchitis.
    * Heart failure.
    * The speeded-up, shallow breathing.

Pneumosclerosis reasons:

The most common form of a pneumosclerosis - a silicosis. It is shown at the person owing to long inhalation of quartz dust. Silitsilovy acid which is a part of dust, causes growth of intersticial connecting fabric in lungs. A silicosis  - an occupational disease which is suffered preferential by workers of metallurgical production. The pneumosclerosis can arise also at representatives of other professions, for example, of builders, owing to inhalation of particles of cement, talc, asbestos, anthracite, aluminum, welding aerosols. The focal pneumosclerosis can be shown at a sarcoidosis. A sarcoidosis - the disease of all organism which is characterized by damage of lungs, lymph nodes and skin. Besides, the pneumosclerosis can accompany tuberculosis, an allergy or cirrhosis. However in most cases the actual reason of diffusion intersticial fibrosis does not manage to be established.

Treatment of the Pneumosclerosis:

Diffusion and severe forms of a focal pneumosclerosis treat glucocorticoids, cytostatics and immunosuppressants (they weaken or suppress immune responses of an organism). For reduction of an asthma appoint bronchodilatory drugs. At an aggravation of an inflammation appoint antibiotics, oxygen inhalations, cordial glikozila. Big exercise stresses are contraindicated to the patient. Effect of medicines is strengthened by remedial gymnastics.
It is necessary to avoid inhalation of smoke, dust, and also the factors causing allergic reactions.
At frequent cough, disturbance of breath and an asthma it is necessary to see a doctor.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Pneumosclerosis:

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