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Dermatitis of the ear channel


Dermatitis of ears is the disease having inflammatory character and which is localized on skin of acoustical pass. This disease is followed by a severe itch and changes of an integument which can occur under the influence of allergens (at contact dermatitis) or owing to spontaneous development (at eczematic ear dermatitis).

Строение органа слуха

Acoustic organ structure

Reasons of dermatitis of the ear channel:

1. One of the most frequent reasons of development of dermatitis in an auricle - a spectacle frame. In such cases the disease can sometimes extend also to a nose, eyelids and cheeks. As irritants frames from metal (which contain nickel and a palladium), and also the details of frames made of plastic usually act.

2. Use of hearing aids and earphones can also become a cause of illness. It is connected with the fact that devices for improvement of hearing can contain in themselves stabilizers, acrylates and plastic, and urea and phenolformaldehyde rubber or pitch can be applied to production of earphones.

3. Hairpins for hair, clip-on earrings and earrings can also cause and support dermatitis. They can be the reason of chronic nickel dermatitis. The allergy and to gold can sometimes be shown. Also hair-dyes, means for laying can promote a course of a disease. Besides, reactions of an allergy and a hat are not excluded from rubber which dress for swimming.

Symptoms of dermatitis of the ear channel:

Reddening, itch, swelling of an integument, emergence of exudate with an unpleasant smell. The animal holds the head on one side, shakes ears and combs them. At chronic disease there are warty growths.

Treatment of dermatitis of the ear channel:

Treatment consists the accumulated exudate by wiping of affected areas 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen, washing by warm soap water or 3% soda solution at a distance.

It is necessary to remember that ears are afraid of water (water should be applied minimum); the becoming wet places wipe with the knitting drugs: 2% solution of nitrate silver, 2-3% solution of a pioktanin, 3-5% solution of picric acid; 30% solution of albucid, 3% solution of boric acid. For this purpose also apply ointment, two-piece oxides of zinc and starch to which add by one part of lanolin and vaseline.

Also drugs which are used at treatment of eczemas and dermatitis of other parts of a body, including corticosteroid ointments are very effective (лакокортен, Geocortonum, a hydrocortisone, etc.).

If the severe itch is noted, then it is possible to use кардизол 0,1 g in dogs 1-3 times a day, and also difficult drops (novocaine - 1,0 g, menthol of 1,0 g, alcohol 70% - 100 ml). To cats the dose decreases at 5-10 times depending on body weight.

The strong thickening of skin of an auricle with warty vegetations demands an operative measure.

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