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Perichondritis of an outside ear


Perichondritis – the diffuse inflammation of an auricle developing as a result of infection of a nadkhryashchnitsa.

Reasons of a perichondritis of an outside ear:

Hit of an infection (more often than a pyocyanic stick - V. of pyocyaneus) in a nadkhryashchnitsa is the reason of a perichondritis at an auricle injury. In some cases the perichondritis should be considered as a complication of a furuncle of acoustical pass, flu, is more rare than tuberculosis. The serous perichondritis develops at penetration of a slabovirulentny infection at the time of sting, at a burn, etc.

Symptoms of a perichondritis of an outside ear:

Depending on character and virulence of the infectious agent, it can be observed a serous, purulent form of a perichondritis which differ from each other in features of a clinical current.

Distinguish a purulent and serous perichondritis.

The first and main symptom of a perichondritis is auricle pain or acoustical pass. It can precede reactive infiltration of skin of an outside ear.

In an auricle there are a morbidity, puffiness and a hyperemia which are gradually covering all its surface except for the lobe which is not containing a cartilage.

At suppuration and accumulation of pus between a cartilage and a nadkhryashchnitsa fluctuation, morbidity at a palpation are noted. Body temperature is increased.
Then the cartilage melts purulent process, perishes, and there occurs cicatricial deformation of a sink. The serous perichondritis proceeds less violently, than purulent.

Перихондрит наружного уха

Perichondritis of an outside ear


The perichondritis is differentiated with an erysipelatous inflammation and an othematoma. At an erysipelatous inflammation the hyperemia covers not only a sink, but also its lobe, and also quite often extends out of limits of an outside ear.

The othematoma arises more often after an injury, is localized in the field of a front surface of an upper half of an auricle, has crimson coloring, a maloboleznenn at a palpation, proceeds with normal body temperature.

Treatment of a perichondritis of an outside ear:

In an initial stage of a disease carry out topical and general antiinflammatory treatment.

At identification of a pyocyanic stick penicillin is inefficient. Appoint polymyxin M (1% - ny ointment or an emulsion), inside tetracycline, Oletetrinum or Oxytetracyclinum on 250 000 PIECES of 4-6 times a day, erythromycin on 250 000 PIECES of 4-6 times a day, streptomycin on 250 000 PIECES 2 times a day intramusculary.

The struck part of a sink is greased by 5% - ache tincture of iodine, 10% - a ny lyapis. Carry out physical therapy in the form of Ural federal district, UVCh or the microwave oven. In a number of chronic cases use a roentgenotherapy.

At suppuration make a wide section of fabrics parallel to auricle contours, delete nekrotizirovanny parts of a cartilage, scrape out an abscess cavity a spoon and enter into it a tampon with antibiotics.

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