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Foreign body in an eye


Any foreign body which got to the area of an eye can become the reason of an injury. Because of a large number of nerve terminations in an eye even the microscopic particles which got under an eyelid can seem huge.

Инородное тело в глазу

Foreign body in an eye

The reasons of foreign bodys in an eye:

Pieces of metal, particle of dust, sand, lime, glass, midge and many other things can be foreign bodys.

Symptoms of foreign bodys in an eye:

At once plentiful dacryagogue begins — and than poverkhnostny the foreign body is located, especially symptoms of irritation of eyes are expressed.

Metal particles also cause strong irritation of eyes. For example, the person knocks the hammer on metal, and at some point notices that in an eye, as if, the mote got, and actually it is a microscopic splinter of metal. The victim at first does not attach it great value, however several days later notices that sight began to worsen considerably. It is connected with the fact that the piece of metal which absolutely accidentally was implemented into  an eye began to be oxidized.

Copper which gives in to oxidation quicker and makes the strongest toxic impact on a cornea is most dangerous in this sense. It leads to damage of a retina, a crystalline lens, an optic nerve and finally — to irrevocable loss of sight. Therefore in hit cases in an eye of a foreign body, it is necessary, without postponing, to address the ophthalmologist and to carry out timely treatment.

Treatment of a foreign body in an eye:

What to do if the mote got into an eye, and there is no oculist nearby? It is impossible to rub an eye at all. Try to remove accurately with a tip of a sterile gauze or a pure handkerchief a mote and to wash out an eye a large amount of flowing water, and it is the best of all tea.

After that it is good to dig eye drops: levomycetinum or albucid: for adults - 30% solution, for children - solution of lower concentration. Even if pain after an instillation will gradually disappear, it is not necessary to stop treatment. It is necessary to continue an instillation every 2 — 2,5 hour in the first days and three times a day in the next days.

Drops "Dexamethasone" and Taufon will help to remove residual reddenings of protein. But consider: without consultation with the doctor of a drop it is impossible to use longer than several days.

If scratch from a foreign body is rather deep, then self-treatment will not help. Only the specialist after carrying out special inspection will be able to appoint the correct complex treatment including ointments, drops, washings of eyes.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Foreign body in an eye:

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    Antimicrobic means, фторхинолон.

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  • Препарат Офтагель®.


    Artificial tears and other indifferent drugs.

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