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It is quite well outlined group of phobias including fear to be left without any help: outdoors, in crowd and in public places, alone, when moving in the train, airplanes, etc.
In spite of the fact that intensity of alarm and expressiveness of the avoiding behavior can be various, this the most deadapting from phobic frustration, leading some patients to "arresting" to the house.

Agorofobiya's symptoms:

The alarm is limited only (or it is preferential) two of the following situations: crowd, public place, movement outdoors and travel alone. Avoiding of phobic situations is considerably expressed. Often there are depressive and persuasive symptoms and social phobias. Some patients with an agoraphobia feel only weak alarm as they can always avoid фобическх situations. Presence of other symptoms including depressions, depresonalization, other frustration and social phobias, the diagnosis provided that they do not prevail in a clinical picture does not contradict.

Agorofobiya's reasons:

The agoraphobia meets within neurotic (alarming and phobic frustration) and psychotic (endogenous and procedural) diseases.

Agorofobiya's treatment:

In most cases treatment of an agoraphobia without panic frustration combined (pharmako-and psychotherapy), or preference is given to psychotherapy. The greatest improvement is observed at behavioural therapy ("immersion in a phobic situation") in combination with antidepressants and high-power benzodiazepines.
At treatment of an agoraphobia with panic frustration the short-term pharmacotherapy yields positive takes, but at cancellation of drugs the percent of aggravations makes 35-75%.
At treatment of an agoraphobia without panic frustration use THAT (кломипрамин, Imipraminum) in high doses. Powerful benzodiazepine anxiolytics, the MAO reversible inhibitors are effective.
When carrying out psychotherapy give preference of cognitive and behavioral. Treatment duration usually makes 1-3 months.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Agorofobiya's treatment:

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