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Panic frustration


Panic frustration is a widespread alarming frustration to which about 4% of the population are subject. At women this disease is observed six times more often than at men. The typical beginning of panic frustration is usually observed at teenage age and at the beginning of mature age.

Symptoms of Panic frustration:

- sudden strong heartbeat
- difficulty of breath or suffocation
- pain or discomfort in a breast
- nausea or discomfort in a stomach
- dizziness
- the increased sweating
- shiver
- heat or fever
- feeling of numbness (paresthesia)
- feeling of unreality of the events or own izmenennost (derealization/depersonalization)
- fear to lose control over itself or to go crazy
- fear

The patient usually tries to connect the first attack of panic with recently happened event or unpleasant experience. As a rule, panic attacks tend to repetition, and eventually arise even more often, at the same time it is not possible to find the real reasons for their development any more. As the panic attack for the patient is extremely unpleasant and frightening him feeling, the constant fear of their emergence also is added to panic attacks.

These frequent sudden attacks with frightening symptomatology become the reason of fear of certain situations, for example, when the person remains alone with himself, visits crowded places (shops, cinema or theaters), or is in public transport, the elevator. At the same time on the one hand, the person suffering from panic attacks is afraid to fall into an awkward situation and to find before other people the frustration, and with another, he is frightened by impossibility of receiving urgent medical care.

Reasons of Panic frustration:

The exact origin of panic frustration is found still insufficiently out, however, it is known that at panic frustration the changes in the central nervous system connected with exchange of such substances as serotonin and noradrenaline are observed. Apparently, the essential role when developing a disease belongs to genetic predisposition. At close relatives of the people subject to panic frustration, similar symptoms or manifestations of other alarming frustration are often observed. The disease of panic frustration often matches essential mental experiences, stresses or changes in a way of life: divorce, change of the residence, termination of university, marriage, birth of the first child, etc.

Treatment of Panic frustration:

Disclosure of essence of panic frustration and use of new drugs considerably expanded medical opportunities at this disease. At the correct treatment about 80% of patients with panic frustration recover. The purpose of treatment is elimination of attacks of panic, normalization of mood and recovery of full-fledged life. The best results are yielded by complex treatment of panic frustration at which drug treatment is combined with psychotherapy. Treatment of panic frustration - long process, and depending on severity of a disease can last from several months to several years. Resuming of a disease can be result of the premature termination of treatment.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Panic frustration:

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