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Not diabetes mellitus


Not diabetes mellitus (diabetes insipidus) - the clinical syndrome caused by decline in the ability of kidneys to concentrate urine, connected with deficit of antidiuretic hormone (the central not diabetes mellitus) or with disturbance of sensitivity of renal tubules to its action (a renal not diabetes mellitus).

Symptoms of Nesakharny diabetes:

Expressiveness of a polyuria and polydipsia, depends on degree of insufficiency of antidiuretic hormone. At incomplete deficit of antidiuretdiarey. The emitted urine is decoloured, does not contain any pathological elements, the relative density of all portions very low (1000-1003). At an idiopathic not diabetes mellitus the beginning of a disease usually acute, sudden, less often symptoms appear gradually and accrue. Pregnancy can provoke not diabetes mellitus manifestation.

At it is long the existing not treated not diabetes mellitus expansion of a bladder, ureters and pelvis can be revealed. Due to the chronic water overload the stomach quite often stretches and falls. At sufficient intake of liquid in an organism the cardiovascular system usually does not suffer (though there is a tendency to hypotension), but in process of increase of dehydration in cases when the liquid lost with urine is not filled (lack of water, carrying out the dehydrational test with xerophagia, etc.) there are dehydration symptoms: sharp general weakness, tachycardia, hypotension, collapse. Even at the expressed dehydration, despite reduction of volume of the circulating blood and decrease in glomerular filtering, the polyuria remains, concentration of urine and its osmolarity almost do not increase. If not diabetes mellitus is caused by intracranial education, the neurologic symptomatology and clinical manifestations of pituitary insufficiency is noted.

Reasons of Nesakharny diabetes:

In most cases it is about the central not diabetes mellitus which is most often connected with destructive processes in a hypophysis (initially pituitary or metastatic tumors, operative measures and other). Slightly less often not diabetes mellitus develops spontaneously and at visualization of a hypophysis of organic pathology does not come to light (an idiopathic not diabetes mellitus). In the latter case a fate of patients antibodies to vasopressin - to the producing adenohypophysis cells came to light. In rare instances not diabetes mellitus is a hereditary disease; it is most known autosomal рецессивно the inherited syndrome of Tungsten which can be full (there are all manifestations) and incomplete (for example, a combination sugar and not diabetes mellitus).

Treatment of Nesakharny diabetes:

Synthetic analog of vasopressin - desmopressin (адиуретин) is used in two forms: in the form of tablets and spray in a nose.

The tableted desmopressin is appointed in a dose of 0,1-0,4 mg 3 times pass. Intranazalno spray is appointed several times a day. Treatment nephrogenic несахарногго diabetes is not developed. Attempts of purpose of high doses of desmopressin, thiazide diuretics (paradoxical antidiuretic effect), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, lithium drugs, etc. become.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Nesakharny diabetes:

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