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Remkheld's syndrome


Remkhelda a syndrome - a complex of the reflex functional cardiovascular changes arising after food at sharply crowded stomach and high standing of a diaphragm, irritation of a mucous membrane of a cardial zone, ulcers and cancer of cardial department of a stomach and gullet. Atherosclerotic defeat of coronary arteries contributes to emergence of this syndrome.

Symptoms of the Syndrome of Remkheld:

The symptomatology is various - after food patients have pressure and pains in precordial area or behind a breast, a heart consciousness, change of heart rate in a look takhi-or bradycardia, disturbance of a rhythm in the form of premature ventricular contraction. Dizzinesses and fluctuations of level of arterial pressure are observed. The eructation does not give relief.
The differential diagnosis is carried out with a peptic ulcer and a carcinoma of the stomach with localization in cardial department, hernia of an esophageal opening of a diaphragm.

Reasons of the Syndrome of Remkheld:

The promoting factors are atherosclerosis of coronary vessels, errors in food, a meteorism, high standing of a diaphragm, especially at the persons having obesity and also functional disorders of the autonomic nervous system.

Treatment of the Syndrome of Remkheld:

The fractional diet with an exception of the products causing mechanical and chemical irritation of a stomach normalization of function of intestines, is carried out treatment of coronary insufficiency; sedative and vegetotropny means.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Syndrome of Remkheld:

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  • Препарат Микразим.


    Fermental drugs.

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