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Препарат Хондрекс®. ЗАО "Вертекс" Россия

Producer: CJSC Verteks Russia

Code of automatic telephone exchange: M09AX

Pharm group: Other drugs for treatment of diseases of a musculoskeletal system

Release form: Soft dosage forms. Cream.

Indications to use: Dislocations. Arthritis. Sprains. Musculoskeletal system injuries. Radiculitis. Rheumatism. Musculoskeletal system injuries.

General characteristics. Structure:

Active ingredients:

Wormwood extract propilenglikolevy - 2%
 Ginger essential oil - 0,05%
Castor oil - 6,5%


CO 2 — dogrose extract - 0,3%
Bisabolol - 0,1%
Arnica extract propilenglikolevy - 1%
D-panthenol - 1%
CO 2 — calendula extract - 0,1%

Warming and distracting:

Extract of siliculose pepper - 0,3%
Yellow beeswax - 0,7%
Camphor - 0,25%
Soy oil - 1,5%

Pharmacological properties:

Pharmacodynamics. HONDREKS® cream promotes elimination of pain and removal of symptoms of an inflammation at diseases of joints and a backbone, rheumatism, radiculitis, bruises and stretchings. Cream is developed on the basis of natural vegetable components, essential oils and natural compounds. The concentration of the components which are a part of cream specially picked up on the basis of researches provide efficiency of means. By production of cream the special high-tech methods of processing of vegetable medicinal raw materials allowing to extract carefully and most fully active ingredients were used.

- kills pain, eliminates an inflammation
- stimulates blood circulation, has the warming effect
- improves mobility of joints

The anesthetizing action Propilenglikolevy extract of a wormwood Infusions of a wormwood were long since applied to anesthesia at radiculitises. The special method of extraction allows to keep valuable active ingredient хамазулен.

Essential oil of ginger It is used for treatment of a lumbosacral pain syndrome.

Castor oil Possesses soothing and antiinflammatory action at arthroses.
Antiinflammatory action CO 2 — dogrose extract The method of extraction provides preservation of lipidic connections and vitamins with which the dogrose is rich.

Bisabolol Bisabolol — active ingredient of a camomile pharmaceutical, has the expressed antiinflammatory effect

Arnica extract
Possesses not only antiinflammatory action, but also strengthens blood circulation, promotes removal of pain. In traditional medicine it is applied in compresses at stretchings, rheumatism.

D-panthenol Possesses the regenerating action

CO 2 — calendula extract The method of extraction allows to keep valuable active ingredient фарадиол — monoester which on antiinflammatory action does not concede even to synthetic connections.
The warming, distracting action Extract of siliculose pepper It is used as grinding at an ache and rheumatism

Yellow beeswax It is effective at rheumatic and muscular pains

The warming action, is used at arthritises, mialgiya, rheumatism.

Indications to use:

- Inflammatory diseases of joint fabric;
- Rheumatic and radikulitny pains;
- Injuries: bruises, dislocations, stretchings

Route of administration and doses:

The easy movements to rub to the area of the inflamed joint or a problem body part 1-3 times a day. After drawing to wash up hands warm water.

Cream is convenient in use: thanks to easy texture it is quickly absorbed, without leaving a greasy luster.


Individual intolerance of components. It is not necessary to apply on open wounds, grazes, cuts, to avoid hit on mucous.

Storage conditions:

To store at a temperature from 5 °C up to 25 ºС. Period of validity 2 years.

Issue conditions:

Without recipe


On 50 g of gel in plastic tubas, on 1 tuba in a cardboard pack.

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