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Hay fever


Hay fever — the acute infectious disease caused by the activator from a sort лептоспир. It is characterized by defeat of capillaries, it is frequent damage of a liver, kidneys, muscles, intoxication phenomena, is followed by wavy fever. Earlier this disease had the name iktero-hemorrhagic fever, Vasilyev's disease — Veyl. In 1883 N. P. Vasilyev allocated this disease from all jaundices, in 1886 in details described 4 cases. Adolf Veyl described a disease in 1886 when he reported about "an acute infectious disease with increase in a spleen, jaundice and nephrite".

Hay fever is widespread in all regions, except the Arctic. Incidence is high. More than a half of cases proceeds in a severe form and demands resuscitation actions.

Hay fever symptoms:

There are 2 forms of a disease — icteric and anicteric.

Icteric form — an incubation interval of 1 — 2 week. The beginning is acute, temperature to 40, the general weakness, scleras are injected. About 2 — 3 days the liver, sometimes a spleen increases, there is an ikterichnost of scleras, skin and intensive muscular pains develop. About 4 — 5 days there is an oliguria, then an anury. From cardiovascular system tachycardia, can be infectious myocarditis. Also there is a hemorrhagic syndrome (more often in internals) — and, therefore, anemia.

Anicteric form — an incubation interval of 4 — 10 days. Temperature, weakness rises, meningeal symptoms, an oligoanuriya, the IDCS, increase in a liver appear.

Hay fever reasons:

Leptospira — a gram-negative stick, is by sight similar to a spirochete. It is mobile — forward, oscillating and rotary motions are characteristic. It is not painted by aniline dyes, it is visible only in the dark-field microscope. Has about 200 serovars, 19 serological groups. Reproduction happens in a moorland.

Treatment of the Hay fever:

  1. Protivoleptospirozny gamma-globulin, is better donor, but not horse.
  2. Antibacterial therapy (penicillin, tetracycline, aminoglycosides).
  3. Disintoxication therapy (under control of a diuresis).
  4. Symptomatic therapy — hemostatics, correction of acid-base equilibrium.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Hay fever:

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