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Otomycosis — the inflammation of outside acoustical pass caused by the parasitizing mushrooms, vegetans in the thickness of skin.

Otomycosis reasons:

In most cases the otomycosis is caused by mold mushrooms of the sort Aspergillus which treat: A. niger, A. fumigatus, A. flavus. Except these mushrooms, Penicillium, Rhisopus, and also drozhzhepodobny mushrooms of the sort Candida can cause a disease.

Otomycosis reasons: pollution of outside acoustical pass, humidity, stay in outside acoustical pass of foreign bodys, for example endauralny hearing aids or their inserts, narrowness of outside acoustical pass and its exostoses, the previous inflammatory diseases, chronic purulent average otitis, grazes, disturbances of local hygiene, for example an activator drift when cleaning an ear and outside acoustical pass from an earwax, a pochesyvaniye of skin of outside acoustical pass by various objects, etc.

Risk factor is the prolonged general and topical administration of antibiotics breaking biological balance between different types of mushrooms (dysbacteriosis) against the background of what mushrooms, insensitive to the applied antibiotic develop. Besides, the general and local allergy, disturbance of the general metabolism, avitaminosis, some types of the professions connected with stay on cold in the wet and pylesoderzhashchy environment etc. belong to these factors.

Simpoma of an otomycosis:

The otomycosis begins gradually. At first there is a slight itch forcing the patient to comb skin of an ear  and outside acoustical pass that leads to bystry planting of skin. Subjective symptoms of an otomycosis accrue at germination of a mycelium in thickness of skin, constant, sometimes a pristupoobrazny severe itch, ear pains, burning, feeling of completeness and existence of foreign bodys are more rare, at plentiful growth of mushrooms and obstruction of outside acoustical pass by them and products of their life activity — a congestion of an ear and conductive relative deafness, an autophonia in a causal ear. Sometimes there is a hypersensitivity of an auricle.

At endoscopy in outside acoustical pass on all its extent find the mass of a mycelium of mushrooms which color is defined by their look: for A. niger — black, for A. flavus and A. graneus — yellow or chartreuse, for A. fumigatus — green, for sort Penicillium mushrooms — crusts of a soft consistence, white with a yellowish shade, easily dischargeable, and a liquid serous discharge. A disease, caused by drozhzhepodobny mushrooms of the sort Candida, it is similar by outward to the becoming wet eczema, at the same time in an ear observe scaly scales, yellowish crusts or caseous masses. At a candidiasis process quite often goes beyond outside acoustical pass and extends to an auricle.



Treatment of an otomycosis:

Treatment of an otomycosis — process not simple, long, not always successful as the disease is inclined to a recurrence and synchronization. Begin treatment with careful cleaning of an ear, outside acoustical pass of a mycelium by careful mechanical removal of the accumulated masses. After cleaning small erosion of skin and sites of its superficial desquamation are found. The remains of masses delete with washing of warm 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Then acoustical pass is drained and apply the corresponding ointment. However not always ointment can be rather effective therefore it is necessary to diversify fungicidal drugs, thereby selecting necessary of them and interfering with accustoming to drug of this species of a mushroom or their association at treatment of an otomycosis. So, A. niger and A. glaucus are most sensitive to a nitrofungii, mushrooms of the sort Candida are most sensitive to a grizemin and nystatin, and S. albicans and A. glaucus — to Lutenurinum. From other effective antifungal drugs at treatment the Amicazolum, Clotrimazolum, Mycosolonum containing in addition to specific means and desensibilizing and antiallergic кориткостероид can be recommended. Are very effective at treatment drugs of a broad spectrum of activity, such as Nitrofunginum, Undecinum, циикуидан.

After each use of ointment (3 — 4 times a day for 30 min.) the toilet of an ear, outside acoustical pass by washing of its warm 3% solutions of peroxide of hydrogen or boric acid recommend to make; after removal of plaques let in 5 drops of 2 — 4% of spirit solution of salicylic acid outside acoustical pass.

Quite often the effect at treatment of an otomycosis is reached from greasing of skin of outside acoustical pass of 10% by nitrate silver solution. The specified local procedures steadily alternate using specific antifungal ointments.

Resort to the general treatment at persistent recurrent forms of an otomycosis. Appoint per os nizorat, nystatin during 2 weeks with a break for 7 days and a repeated course. Apply also general desensibilizing treatment (Dimedrol, Pipolphenum, diazolindens, calcium a gluconate, ascorbic acid, etc.).

The forecast at timely and adequate complex treatment favorable.

Prevention of an otomycosis. General and local hygienic actions, elimination of the local and general centers of an infection, prevention of microtraumas of skin of outside acoustical pass  and its pochesyvaniye dirty objects.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Otomycosis:

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