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Otogematoma name a blood tumor of an ear - hemorrhage between a cartilage and a nadkhryashchnitsy auricle or, sometimes, between a nadkhryashchnitsa and skin.

Otogematoma reasons:

Auricle injuries at fighters, boxers, at persons who received blow to the area of an ear are the reasons of an otogematoma with a long pressure of a firm pillow or other subject enclosed under the head, especially at persons with the broken blood circulation it is preferential at elderly and exhausted. Even the weak tangent injury of an auricle can cause to otogematy.

Otogematoma symptoms:

Complaints to emergence of a swelling on the front surface of an auricle, sometimes on feeling of awkwardness, morbidity at touch. The hematoma has, as a rule, spherical shape, skin over it cyanotic, sometimes hyperemic, at a palpation (palpation) of painful area is observed fluctuation (liquid accumulation).



Treatment of an otogematoma:

Otogematoma of the small size can independently resolve or after greasing by her spirit solution of iodine and imposing of a compressing bandage. At lack of involution of an otogematoma carry out its puncture, suction of contents, introduction of several drops of 5% of spirit solution of iodine, overlaying of a compressing bandage. At indications of a puncture repeat. If they are unsuccessful, then to otogematy open and drain.

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